Build your String Like a Football Team

Build Your String like a Football Team

Building your team is a sequential process.

When starting off from the beginning, build your string like a football team. Start off with 3 baby goats. After 2 years add another 3 goats. Never introduce a solo goat, goats have to have buddies.

Figure out who your trail alpha (quarterback) is. An alpha is experienced, aggressive, wise on the trail, and strong willed. It will naturally develop on the trail. It will almost always be an alpine breed.

Then, you need your willing followers. They need to be able to carry the loads, follow along, non aggressive, but not want to be last. Typical breeds are alpine crosses with ober, sabers etc.

Finally, you need the rear (lineman). A goat that is willing to be the last and carry a lot. These are typically your boers, nubians and other meat breeds.[video_embed url=”https://youtu.be/LzK76IZHMOo”]

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