Building Loads and Fitting Saddles

Building Loads and Fitting Saddles

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The purpose and design of Packgoats.com saddle 

  • Allows the goats to go under things
  • Goats will know the height of their saddle
  • Know your system: leisure to extreme trips
$ 449.99
Ultimate Pannier System

  • Own multiple styles of panniers
  • Have different colors for your gear systems: First aid, cooking, gear, and food

The Best Pack Goat Panniers Marc Warnke’s Signature Series

  • Incredibly versatile and durable
  • The design will allow for varying loads from small to large
  • They have a huge capacity and will easily load the bulky items needed for backcountry pack goat camps: Tentipi and poles
  • Goat 4-wheel drive anti-flip pannier buckles, never flip a pannier again
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
$ 229.99
Small Roll Top Pannier

  • The small roll-top pannier for Pack Goats is a great “smaller” alternative to the Signature Series pannier
  • Nice compact load
  • It is perfect for a smaller goat, lighter load, or shorter trip
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
$ 129.99
Teton Large Pack Goat Pannier

  • The large-pack goat pannier is the solution for your bulk-packing needs
  • Carries long items like tents, cots, fly rod cases, and cooking grates
  • Having a set of large-pack goat panniers on at least one goat in your string solves many needs for packing bulky items
  • Whether it’s the comforts of home or your essential tools, you no longer need to leave it at home
  • Accessories like water bottles or sunscreen remain accessible on the trail in two front pockets on each pannier
Don’t Forget Your Scale!

  • It’s an essential piece of equipment every goat packer must have for balancing panniers.
$ 9.99
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