Deep Dive Into Gear For Both Goats and People: Gear Systems

Deep Dive Into Gear For Both Goats and People: Gear Systems


  • Get cheap Climate off Amazon
  • Easy to pop


Survival Rifle

  • Henry Long Rifle .22
  • 3 Lbs
  • If a pistol: I carry a 5 ml Glock



  • Don’t want piles of stuff everywhere in the camp
  • Everything will get wet and dirty
  • Rubber maid brand is great
  • Use a bungee they do come open in the pannier
  • Clear containers are better you can see what’s inside
  • Containers are better with rounded corners to not wear the panniers


Steripen Water Purifier


Platapus Water System

  • Bring 2 hooks to hang up in trees
  • The 10-gallon system is great for camping needs



  • Will need 7 cords for one tarp
  • Carry lots of bundles of mule tape and paracord


Fishing Kit


Inergy Solar Panel 

  • This brand of solar panel works ok, prefer remote batteries



  • Thermacell: propane burners, smoke comes out of it
  • Use a net over the face
  • Wear long sleeves
  • mosquitos are common at dusk and dawn


Frying Pan

  • Collapsable Teflon frying pan from Cabela’s
  • Use the protector mat at the bottom to prevent scratches


MSR Stoves

  • Super efficient and works well
  • Boil fast
  • Most durable
  • Jet boils have failed MSR stoves are better


Camp Shovel

  • Multi-tool
  • Comes in handy for taking care of business in the woods
  • Use it to remove rocks from your tent site, clear small brush and vegetation
  • Fire-starter backup
  • 3 lbs
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