Deep Dive Into Gear For Both Goats and People Snow Climate

Deep Dive Into Gear For Both Goats and People Snow Climate

Snow Climate

4 tips to help make the snow climate comfortable and safe.

  1. Goats sleep under a pine tree
  2. Fluff up the bedded area
  3. Full belly before bed: keeps them warm
  4. Keep them dry: a goat coat will help: do not get insulated
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Features of the Goat Coat include:

  • Double-reinforced fabric on the critical attachment points for extra durability.
  • This shell doubles as a pannier and saddle cover when things get wet.
  • Small, Medium, and Large sizes fit goats from 110 to 240+ lbs.
  • Convenient fold and roll storage make perfect 1 lb ballast and compact packing.

Size small fits 110 lb goats. Medium 110 lb – 185 lb goats. Large sizes fit 185 lb – 240 lb goats. Extra Large sizes can be special ordered. When in doubt, order larger.  Each size is available in three colors; Green, Blue, and Red.Keeping your goat safe in the backcountry

High Visibility Neckband

  • Protect your Pack Goat during hunting season with this High Visibility Neckband. These are not just for the people who use their pack goats while hunting. If you plan on hiking with goats during hunting season (August-December), the neckband is essential. It is important to let hunters know your pack goats are not game animals.
$ 24.99
Features of the Pannier Cover include:

  • Reversible cover
  • One side is bright hunter orange for use during gun season.
  • The other side is stealthy for use during bow season
  • Add these to your panniers to give you a solid advantage when hunting with your pack goats.
  • The design includes a gather to keep the cover tight
  • Loops keep the cover on the goat in case brush or sticks try to snag it off.
  • This pack goat pannier cover will work with all pack goat saddles on the market
  • Works best with the Signature Series adjustable saddle and the Classic Design Saddle  
  • This product was made in collaboration with Matt Lyon of Bantam Saddle Tack
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$ 48.99
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