Necessary Training: Questions

Necessary Training: Questions


What is a freezer camp?

  • The kind way to put down a goat and butcher


Would you use a squirt bottle with commands?

  • No, only with the command back
  • For example: leave the area, get out of camp, and get back while feeding hay
  • Stay monotoned, have no emotion when training, and stay neutral
  • Goats train with pain and pleasure
  • Bonded bottle-fed goats are very forgiving


Struggling goat on a trail, do you lead with a rope

  • Straggling goat, hook to another goat never lead them
  • If there is rain, tired, and just want to get back to the truck hook up to another goat
  • Climbing up a mountain and a goat passes, grab its tail and it won’t want to get ahead of you again
  • If needed assistance to climb, grab on the britchin or tail of a goat
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