Pack Goat Nutrition Cradle To Grave: Questions

Pack Goat Nutrition Cradle To Grave: Questions

[video_embed url=”https://youtu.be/OEm38iuhInM”]Questions


Does not pregnant, do they get the same hay alfalfa grass hay mix?

  • Yes, same feeding program as the rest of the does
  • Learn a does feeding program watch milk production


Instructing employees to know feeding programs seasonally

  • Wethers hungry till feed is gone, UNLESS it’s winter never let goats go to bed hungry: keeps them full and warm


The downside to feed pellets long term

  • No, short-term only


RV-style softener system

  • Phosphorus balance/ watch the water intake
  • Involve chemist: Ward Laboratories


Feeding program

  • Know your feed /water ratio
  • Play the science
  • The comprehension guide: grass ratios


Offset Ketosis

  • Give them tums
  • Sugar intake- sugar water
  • Good nutrition to avoid hyperglycemic


Birthing Course

  • Get better with live births
  • A great resource for many situations


Draw blood from goats

  • Goat Club how-to video and wethers and does examples
  • Test 2 times a year
  • Sage Labs: supplies and instructions on how to mail and collect properly
  • Diseases
  • Know the right time to test: age, breeding, and testing


Most Nutritional Milk

  • Moms milk yes
  • Feed whole cow’s milk 3 to 4 times a day


Best place to give baby goats a shot: CD&T

  • In front of the shoulder
  • The goat industry says behind the shoulder


Sore Mouth

  • Chickenpox for goats
  • Transfers to humans: wear protective gear
  • Carried in dirt
  • Don’t wear boots to other farms
  • Virkon squirt off boots
  • Isolate babies: don’t share needles, water, or pens


If an infected goat with CAE, where to be put down

  • Take to another location off property



  • Not susceptible in Idaho
  • Only a few were found in between the horns







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