Post Birth: Doe Care

There are a few things to look out for in a doe after she has delivered kids.

  1. Milk fever
  2. Ketosis
  3. Uterine Infection or Metritis

Passing the Placenta

After delivery the doe should pass the placenta on her own. Typically, the more difficult the delivery, the more difficulty the doe will have passing the placenta. If no progress is made after several hours you could give 1 dose of Banamine. Then tie a 6-10 inch chain up on the placenta, as high as possible. You don’t want to yank on it because the placenta needs to peel off the uterine wall by itself. If the placenta is being retained it could also be due to a mineral deficiency such as selenium or vitamin E. In this case you can give a Selenium/Vitamin E paste supplement. 

Let the doe eat the placenta if she wants because it is high in nutrients.

If the placenta is presenting, wait and watch for the normal reddish fluid filled bag to come out. During a complicated delivery, the placenta will have likely broken causing it to retain, but if it presents itself it probably has enough weight to peel off the uterine wall.

Care of Udder

It is important that you don’t completely drain the doe of all of her milk. Doing so can result in sending the doe into shock. Kids only need about 4 oz of milk at birth. After delivery only milk 1/3 of what is in the udder and then again 6 hours later. Don’t completely milk the doe until its closer to the 24 hours post delivery.

The above video is a demonstration of how to hand milk your doe. Its a excerpt from our Milking Course, be sure to check it out if you are wanting to learn more about milking goats and all that goes along with that.

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