Two at a Time and Sideways

Presentation: Two at a Time

Two kid’s in the birth canal at once. They could present normal, they could present breech, one kid could present one way and the other kid the opposite. Either way, this is very difficult and problematic. It’s best to get a hold of the vet for a C-section.

What to do:

Get a hold of the vet for a C-section. In the meantime, if there is one more forward than the other you can try to gently pull that one forward while simultaneously pushing the other one back. Its a slow tedious process of trying to get the kid’s to line up properly. There is hardly any room to budge when only one kid is in the birth canal, there is even less when there are two.

Presentation: Sideways

This is when one kid is sideways in the birth canal. This is a very dangerous presentation. It is best to get a hold of your vet for an emergency C-section. The good thing is that this is extremely rare.

What to do: 

  1. Get a hold of your vet for a C-section
  2. In the meantime, when you go in, really focus on what you are feeling. If you are going to successfully deliver the sideways kid your chances are better by positioning it to breech. Find the ribs, then find the spine, once you find the spine work your way one direction to determine the shoulders which are more rounded than the pelvis, then work your way to find the pelvis of the kid. Once you have clearly identified the pelvis slowly begin to jockey the kid into breech position by pushing the shoulders back and pulling the pelvis forward.
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