Goat Feeder for Hobby Goat Owners

Goat Feeder

Goat Feeder for the Hobby Goat Owner When it comes to building a goat feeder, it can be hard to know where to start. There are hundreds of designs for ways to feed goats out there. Everything from re-purposed laundry baskets to nets to commercial pre-fabricated feeders. Safety: Feeders need to be free of potential […]

Goats Need a Playground

goat playground

Goats Need a Playground It’s true, goats need playground. In the wild, goats are highly athletic creatures that rely on their agile navigation of steep mountainous terrain for survival. Wild goats feed, shelter, and avoid depredation by navigating terrain with lots of obstacles. Domestic goats still hold these instincts. Regardless of the breed, size, or […]

Picking a Pack Goat Saddle

Picking a Pack Goat Saddle

How to Pick a Pack Goat Saddle Picking a pack goat saddle can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re new to goat packing. There’s several manufacturers, each with multiple models, not to mention their pricing! This blog and video aim to help you in the decision making process. Marc Warnke breaks down the different styles of […]

Raising Goats: How to Raise a Baby Goat

raising goats

Raising Goats: How to Raise a Baby Goat   With spring being around the corner, raising goats is the biggest question everyone has. It’s a loaded question; however, because so much goes into raising these little critters well. After years of raising goats I am still learning about how to take good care of them. […]

How to Feed a Baby Goat

Feed Baby Goat

How to Feed a Baby Goat   There are a few different ways to feed a baby goat, they can be dam raised or bottle fed when raising goats. Each has its unique benefits and drawbacks. The option you choose really depends on your ultimate goal for the goat. You can check out our How […]

Transporting Goats: Space, Optimal Ventilation, and Suspension

Transporting Goats

Transporting Goats Transporting goats is a bit of a science. Of course anyone can pack car full of gear and haul a trailer full of goats, but it’s important to take these considerations to mind to transport safely and efficiently. In this video Marc Warnke, “The Goat Guy,” goes over the essentials of transporting goats. […]

Floating Goat’s Teeth

Floating Goat's Teeth

Floating Goat’s Teeth Floating goat’s teeth is part of pioneering the world of goats in health, wellness, and longevity. Marc has been experimenting with increasing the packing life of his goats by occasionally floating their teeth. A common practice with horses but not for goats. A goat’s lifespan is limited by its ability to digest […]

Toxic Plants for Goats

Toxic Plants for Goats

Toxic Plants for Goats Knowing toxic plants for goats is a helpful skill. This article references the Goat Digestive System Article. If you haven’t already, take a second to check it out to better understand how certain toxins affect goat health. First, this list of toxins and toxic plants is by no means exhaustive. Also, […]

Hoof Rot in Goats

Hoof Rot in Goats

Treating Hoof Rot in Goats Hoof Rot is a contagious bacterial infection of the hooves of goats and other ruminant species. Contracting hoof rot is most common in wet conditions where pastures accumulate mud and manure. The bacteria that cause this disease are often carried in the fecal matter of goats and other ruminants like […]

Understanding Goat Digestive Systems

Goat Digestive System Diagram

How Goat Digestive System Works Goats are Ruminants, like sheep, cows, and deer; the goat digestive system is made up of 4 stomach chambers. These chambers are called the Reticulum, Rumen, Omasum, and Abomasum. Humans are monogastric, we have one stomach that breaks down our food.  For humans, digestion begins with chewing, our food is […]

Pack Goat Does: the benefits of packing and breeding

Pack Goat Does

Pack Goat Does There are many benefits to having does as part of your pack goat herd. Check out this article on sexes of goats and packing. Everyone knows that wethers make the largest, strongest, and best all around pack goats. There are, however, several benefits to owning does as pack goats too.  Does can […]