When looking for goats for sale, it’s all about the right breeder with the right genetics. Choosing the right pack goat is the most important decision for anyone wanting to pack with goats. Ask anyone who has been into packing with goats for any amount of time, they will all tell you breeder and proven genetics are way more important than what breed makes the best pack goats.

Don’t Risk It

It is worth every investment when it comes to verified packer genetics. Goat size, temperament and conformation (how well they are “built”) IS EVERYTHING. Don’t find yourself investing 4 or 5 years into a goat only to find he tops out at 150 lbs and 30″ at the shoulder.  This will cost you so much more than the few hundred you saved on a baby.  For breeding does, don’t fear the unknown. Have the peace of mind that a doe with proven genetics will produce great packer kids for growing your string. Your chances for success guessing (especially if you are new to goats) and buying an unproven goat is about 20% at best. It is possible to get lucky, but it’s more a game of roulette than not. Your overall cost will be less buying proven packers.

All breeder does are disease free and are tested annually.

Buy Goats for Sale from Reputable Breeders through PackGoats.com

This pack goat kid reservation service allows you to specify your preferred breed or hybrid, sex, and number of baby goats. Every goat you will be getting Marc Warnke personally has their relatives in his own string.  Packgoats.com is partnered with several breeders across the west, all with proven pack goat genetics. Every kid comes from genetic lines that have been proven to be of the quality of goats that have made dependable high performing pack goats. Some of the breeding will be out of the famed Dwite Sharp genetics.  Buying goats with proven genetics is more expensive, but well worth the investment.

Lastly, by getting your kid with us, you will also have in a built in support of that kid, by Packgoats.com in information on how to raise, train and gear up your packer for his entire lifetime.  We are a one stop shop for all things pack goat. For more information on how to raise a baby goat through its first year, check out our How to Raise a Baby Goat Course.

Delivering more packer love across the country. Still have some reservation spots open this kidding season!


Reserve a pack goat here! $275 non-refundable deposit required per kid.

Total price per kid is $575, balance due will be delivered to the breeder at pickup.

Interested in buying a pack goat or pack goat breeding doe? We can provide info on breeders with goats for sale. All the goats we will be suggesting are packgoats.com approved and of proven packer genetics. Use the form and send the following info: 

  • How many goats are you looking for?
  • Where are you located?
  • What sex of goat do you prefer?  (Buckling or Doeling?)
  • What are your breed preferences for pack goats? Please give me three choices to choose from, in order of most desired to least desired breed of goat. 

For more details and any questions you might have, please give Marc a call at 208-867-6675 or email packgoatsinfo@gmail.com

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