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Goat courses and information products are the newest developments on We’re extremely excited about it! Here we offer the first of their kind courses on all topics for every goat owner. Each information product gives you lifetime access from your Pack Goat account on any device. Also, each product is a one time purchase for lifetime updates.

This means you get continuous access to additional information as our experience grows and evolves. Check back often as we will be posting new courses and updated content regularly! Also, we will still keep plenty of helpful information freely available on our blog and youtube channel; these courses are designed to provide comprehensive instruction for those who want the in depth knowledge.

Goat Birthing Course

Are you new to goat husbandry? Helping a doe deliver can be extremely intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a lot of information out there so can be easy to get overwhelmed. With this course, everything you need to know is in a concise and easy to follow format. The course covers everything from breeding to post delivery care. With the help of a few seasoned commercial dairy breeders we were able to compile over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Learn from the best and get ready for this wild journey of goat husbandry.

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Goat Birthing Course & A-Z Milk Goats Course

Goat Birthing Course & A-Z Goat Milking Course Combo go hand in hand together.  These courses are loaded with hours of valuable video content to birth your goat and milk her too!  At, we are committed to helping you learn and prepare for owning goats on your homestead.  Learn with ease after taking these courses.

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Pack Goats 101

This Pack Goat 101 Course is jammed packed with all the information you will need to learn about pack goats.  There is something for everyone no matter what your level of experience is with pack goats.  With this course, you will have lifetime access to all the content, videos and information offered within it.  Check it out!

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Courses will provide you with the best information in video form, text form, or both. Our goal is to create the most user friendly experience that allows you to make the most informed decisions. Our goal is to facilitate easy, affordable access to the most important topics in goat care and packing. We aim to provide courses for every goat owner on all topics of goat ownership for every aspect of your goat’s life.

Information Products

Information Products will give you step by step instructions for DIY builds for all your goats’ needs. Find clear, concise, and easy to follow directions for the ideal structure for your goats. Get plans for feeders, stanchions, shelters, pasture layout, play structures, and more!
Many of our courses can be paired with product kits like our Raising a Baby Goat Kit. Pairing kits and courses make the most convenient and comprehensive care solution for any goat owner.