Premium Course Bundle

$ 235.99

Premium Course Bundle offers five of our products in one course with a savings of $79.00!  You get the Pack Goats 101 Course, How To Raise A Baby Goat Course, How to Milk A Goat Course, Horned Goat Feeder Plan and the Goat Stanchion Building Plan.


The Premium Course Bundle provides a comprehensive package of five of our products at a discounted price of $82.00. You will receive the Pack Goats 101 Course, How To Raise A Baby Goat Course, A-Z Milk Goats Course, Horned Goat Feeder Plan, and the Goat Stanchion Building Plan.

The Pack Goat 101 Course is the ultimate guide for packing with goats, covering everything from basic to advanced packing tips, strategies, and preparation. With 25 lessons on topics such as training, gear, and nutrition, this course is helpful for both novice and experienced pack goat owners.

The How to Raise a Baby Goat Course is designed to prepare new goat owners with reliable information on raising a baby goat up to 1 year old. The course also includes helpful information for anyone raising a baby goat for goat packing.

The A-Z Milk Goat Course covers everything you need to know about milking goats for personal consumption or small operations. You will learn the process of milking goats from beginning to end, including the best breeds for milking, milking schedule, cleanliness, and different milking methods. The course also includes information on goat milk benefits, nutrition, health, and wellness of a doe in milk, goat milk recipes, and selling goat milk.

The Goat Stanchion Building Plan provides step-by-step instructions and a complete list of necessary tools and materials to build a quality goat stanchion. A stanchion is an essential tool for every goat owner, as it facilitates the process of hoof trimming and milking goats.

Lastly, the Building Plans for Horned Goat Feeders maximizes the number of goats that can feed at once, minimizing waste and making it easier to clean and restock feed. The design is ideal for dominant and subdominant goats to feed across from each other, preventing one alpha goat from dominating the feeding area. All courses included in this bundle are online-based and come with lifetime access.

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