Pack Goat 4-H Project Guide


Pack Goat 4-H Project Guide is FREE to download.  Enjoy this resource to help you for get started with your Pack Goat 4-H Project.

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Are you thinking about starting a packgoat project with your 4H Club and don’t know where to start? Download our Pack Goat 4-H Project Guide for free and get started with your Pack Goat 4-H Project today. We’ve got a ton of helpful articles too, including tips on Getting Started with a Pack Goat 4H Project and Pack Goat 4H Project Kits.

If you’re really interested in learning all there is to know about raising goats, why not join our G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) Club? As a member, you’ll get access to live videos, blogs, articles, and more. We’ve got everything you need to feel confident and successful when raising goats, including tips on building structures, raising, milking, birthing, packing, and more. So come on over to our courses page and check out all the helpful resources we’ve got to offer!

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