Getting Started with a Pack Goat 4H Project

What is 4H?

4H is a youth development organization for kids, ages 5 to 19 years old. They learn life skills, meet friends, experience leadership, and community involvement. Kids complete hands-on projects with guidance from adult mentors in areas like health, science, agriculture, and citizenship, in a positive environment and become the next generation of leaders. 4‑H is a community of public universities across the nation that provides experiences where young people learn by doing. For more than 100 years, 4‑H has given kids a voice to express who they are and how they make their lives and communities better. Getting started with a pack goat 4H project can be overwhelming. Let us help you start your 4H journey with all the resources and tools here at packgoats.com.

What is a Pack Goat 4H Project?

What is a pack goat 4H project? Other counties or programs will call it utility or working goat project. It is a project where you train a goat to become a pack goat and learn to work together. You will develop life skills of decision-making capabilities, public speaking skills, integrity, and sportsmanship. As well as learn proper care, health management, and responsibilities of animal ownership. Also keep a record book to help set goals, see progress, learn skills, track costs, and community involvement. However, you will need supplies and gear to prepare for the shows. Here at packgoats.com, we know the importance of goat ownership, raising, training, and gear. We have the resources and tools to have a successful project.

How to Enroll in a Pack Goat 4H Project

It is easy to become a member of 4H. To get enrolled in the pack goat 4H project First find your local 4H, Second, sign up on 4Honline.com, after you decide on the project and club that is right for you. Contact your local 4H extension office to make sure the pack goat project is offered, for sign-up deadlines, and fees.

  1. Decide your project
  2. Find a club, contact your local county extension office near you
  3. Enroll online
  4. Get started, get involved, and have fun

Pack Goat 4H Project Kit

Once enrolled, time to get gear supplies for the pack goat 4H project. When showing a pack goat project there are three categories: Showmanship, Confirmation/Quality, and the Course. Here is a list of items we recommend. Be sure to know your county requirements and guidebook rules.

  • Showmanship: collar and leash
  • Confirmation/Quality: collar and leash
  • Course: collar, leash, and kid trainer saddle

What’s In The Pack Goat 4H Project Kit

At packgoats.com we have a special discount kit just for 4H pack goat project members. This includes a kid trainer saddle, medium goat collar, and a goat leash.The kid trainer pack saddle is an ideal saddle for 4H showing. It is the easiest saddle and pannier loading system with an approximate 35 lb load limit packing. Perfect for any size, including pygmy goat. This saddle is used for day packing, picnicking, bird hunting, low-distance overnight packing, and for training.

Saddle weight: 3.0 lbs

Pannier set: 2.4 lbs

Total weight: 5.4 lbsThe medium goat collar is for medium goat breeds and goats about 30lbs to 50lbs. Made with high-quality woven nylon webbing, these collars are durable for years to come. High-quality buckles ensure they will not come undone unexpectedly. This collar adjusts from 14″- 22″ in length. Available in 2 color options, orange or purple.The pack goat leash is 6 feet in length, which makes for great control. The leash and collar together make restraining a goat very simple. These goat leashes make for simple tethering to fences, trailers, stanchions, and vehicle hitches. The total weight is less than a pound.

Additional Gear For Your Pack Goat Needs

As you venture into the pack goat world, here at packgoats.com we have all the gear and tools to fit your pack goat needs.Pannier Goat ScaleThe pack goat pannier scale is a critically essential tool for every goat packer. I never leave for a pack trip without


Bells help alert other hikers, dogs, and wildlife of your presence. Bells can help protect your goats from predators. While on the trail, keep bells on goats overnight as an added warning. Each pack goat bell has a different tone. Knowing the tones can even help identify goats quickly. It can be very helpful to identify goats by sound, especially at night. Being able to cook in camp and know your herd is nearby because you still hear them is a very nice feeling and a luxury that bells can be helpful with.
Looking For More Resources For The Pack Goat 4H Project
If you are looking for more resources for the pack goat 4H project. Here at packgoats.com, we have all the resources and tools to help you find success. We have courses, gear, and free pdf’s to teach you how to care for and grow healthy happy goats. We hope you found this article helpful.

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NAPgA Guidebook For Goat Owners
The North American Packgoat Association is an organization started in 1999 that promotes the use of goats as eco-friendly pack animals. NAPgA is on the front lines protecting your right to use pack goats on public land.

The NAPgA Packgoat Guidebook is available to read and download HERE:  Napga packgoat guidebook

This free 67-page guidebook is jam-packed with all things goat and pack goat for everyone, with special sections for youth interested in a pack goat project, youth leaders, and pack goat project judges!
At packgoats.com we strive to give you the resources and tools to succeed. The Pack Goat 101 Course speaks to every topic on packing with goats from the most basic to advanced packing tips, tricks, strategies, and preparation.

We know goats, especially new baby goats. If you thought about joining 4H and you want to raise your own baby from birth. Check out this article Have you Reserved Your Baby Goat?

Want more helpful information on raising baby goats through their first year of life, check out the How to Raise a Baby Goat Course.

Enjoy this Free PDF: Comprehensive Goat Nutrition Guide is an accumulation of science-based data on goat nutrition. This comprehensive goat nutrition guide is FREE for you to download.  It is the up-to-date most current research she has found and we will continue to do even more research.  Please feel free to download and share with others in the goat community.