Pack Goat 4H Project Kit (small goat)

$ 175.99

Pack Goat 4H Project Kit is specially designed for 4H pack goat project members.  Members will need to confirm involvement with pack goat 4H.  At packgoats.com we offer a special discount just for 4H pack goat project members. which includes a kid trainer saddle, medium goat collar, and a goat leash.

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 Pack Goat 4H Project Kit

The Pack Goat 4H Project Kit is intended for 4H pack goat project members. To avail of the discount, members must confirm their involvement with Pack Goat 4H. Our website, packgoats.com, offers a special discount that includes a kid trainer saddle, medium goat collar, and a goat leash. The total discount is $48.98. Members can upgrade to an adult goat collar for an extra $10 at checkout. Additionally, they can avail of our Baby Goat and Pack Goats Bundle Course for $50 at checkout, a total savings of $126.00! To learn more about how to get started with Pack Goat 4H, check out our latest article,Getting Started With A Pack Goat 4H Project.

Pack Goat 4H Project Kit: Pack Goat Kid Training Soft Saddle

The Pack Goat Training Soft Saddle is an excellent tool for young or small goats like Nigerians. However, it’s important to remember that this is not a promotion of having your young goats pack weight too early. Keep everything light on them until they are ready for a full-blown saddle. They come with a grey saddle, and the color options are olive or blaze orange. Don’t forget to order a Pannier Scale! It’s an essential piece of equipment every goat packer must have for balancing panniers. Balancing panniers is especially crucial for these smaller training saddles, as the smaller the goat, the more crucial pannier balancing is. These packs are perfect for young 4H trainers. Their young pack goats will love the comfort and fit. If you want a 4H saddle to compete with, this one will be fast and easy and help you win your competition. It also works great with Nigerian goats. Here is a good article on how to work with your young packer. If you’re looking for an upgrade as your kids outgrow this saddle, check out the newest Pack Goat Soft Saddle! The saddle has detachable bags that allow you to weigh them individually. The pads along the spine help a goat to pack weight properly and learn to deal with the bulk of carrying a load from 1 year on. The whole unit weighs less than 3 pounds, and the complete soft saddle design forms to each goat’s body size and shape for a perfect fit. The medium goat collar is perfect for medium goat breeds and goats weighing around 30lbs to 50lbs. It is the smaller version of our extremely popular Pack Goat Collar. Made with high-quality woven nylon webbing, these collars are durable for years to come. High-quality buckles ensure that they will not come undone unexpectedly. The D-ring lead attachment point is sewn into the collar and will not rip out or break. The D-ring also doubles as a bell attachment capability. This collar adjusts from 14″ – 22″ in length, perfect for kids and small to or medium breeds. Made of single-ply 3/4″ polyester webbing, it is extremely resistant to wear and tear.

Pack Goat 4H Project Kit: Medium Goat Collar

Whether you’re interested in a collar for your medium breed or need a collar to put on kids year to year, this is the perfect solution. The quick, simple, and easy-adjust design makes it the perfect solution to all medium goat collar needs.

Features Include:

  • Sturdy buckle for easy use
  • Adjustable slide for 9″ to 14″ length
  • Sewn in welded metal D-ring for lead or bell attachment
  • 3/4″ polyester wear resistant webbing
  • Optimal size for young goats or medium breeds

Currently available in 2 color options.

Pack Goat 4H Project Kit: Pack Goat Leash

The pack goat leash is constructed of highly durable abrasion-resistant climbing rope. Attachment points on both ends are high-strength aluminum climbing carabiners. These large oval carabiners make for easy use and tethering that goats can’t mess with. Additionally, the paracord binding on each end allows force to be applied directly to the rope. This binding style minimizes the bulk of knots and does not easily snag. This leash is the strongest, most durable, and most versatile leash and tether available to goat owners anywhere. These goat leashes make for simple tethering to fences, trees, or trailers. The total weight is less than a pound, making them easy to take on a trail. You will find them highly handy around the pasture and in your barn. They can be woven back and forth to be shorter and are easily adaptable to almost any situation that calls for a functional goat leash. These goat leashes are compatible with any collar style. Pair them with our goat collars! This is the best pack goat leash on the market.

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
Kid Trainer Color

Kid Trainer Orange, Kid Trainer Green

Medium Collar Color

Orange, Purple