Baby Goat and Pack Goat Course Bundle

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Introducing the Baby Goat and Pack Goat Course Bundle, a fantastic package deal for goat packers! With the purchase of your new baby goat, this bundle offers a seamless learning experience on pack goats. You can now easily learn about raising a baby goat with our How To Raise A Baby Goat Course, and get insights into Pack Goats 101 with our other course. By purchasing this bundle, you can save up to 15% on the courses. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

The Baby Goat and Pack Goat Course Bundle is an excellent deal for those interested in goat packing. By purchasing this bundle, you’ll have access to both courses and will learn everything you need to know about raising a baby goat and packing with goats. This bundle offers a 15% discount, making it even more appealing.

The How To Raise A Baby Goat Course is designed to teach you all the essential skills required to raise a baby goat up to one year of age. You will learn about pasture setup and preparation, goat hauling/transportation, feeding, weaning, goat nutrition, vaccinations, worming, hoof care, training and manners, castration of bucks, and dehorning. Additionally, you’ll get a bonus section on general health and wellness, including common sicknesses and illnesses between 0-1 years of age.

The Pack Goat 101 Course is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in packing with goats. It covers everything from the basics to advanced packing tips, tricks, strategies, and preparation. This course is suitable for both novice and experienced pack goat owners and will be helpful whether you’re planning day trips in the front country or long hauls far from any trailhead.

Pack Goat 101 is the follow-up to the How to Raise a Baby Goat Course. While it gives an overview of raising baby goats, it goes into more depth on every aspect of the world of goat packing. With 25 lessons on topics such as training, gear, nutrition, and much more, this course is the ultimate tool to help you become a successful pack goat owner. Don’t go through the stress, pain, or expense of wading into the world of goat packing without setting yourself up for success.

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