Pack Goat Bell and Attachment

$ 12.99

A great bell for your pack goat, that has style, and you will never loose.

This pack goat bell is a reliable and stylish accessory that can be added to your goat collar or small goat collar for dwarf breeds and baby goats. It has a unique design that adds an artistic touch to your goat’s appearance and produces an audible sound. It is constructed with heavy-duty materials which make it almost indestructible. The best feature of this pack goat bell is the crab claw attachment that enables you to switch from an audible to a stealth mode quickly. It is especially useful for hunters and makes packing a breeze.

Each pack goat bell has a different tone that can help you identify your goats quickly. This feature can be very helpful, especially at night, when it might be difficult to see. If you are on a trail, it is recommended that you keep the bells on your goats overnight as an added warning. The bells help alert other hikers, dogs, and wildlife of your presence and can also protect your goats from predators. If you are hunting with pack goats, you can easily remove the bells for silent travel. The enclosed bell design ensures consistent sound and function for the long term, and you won’t need to replace them.

Having bells on your goats can help you feel more secure knowing your herd is nearby, especially when cooking in camp. Check out this great article on goat trail training for more information.

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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