Small Goat Collar

$ 7.99

The perfect goat collar for baby goats and dwarf breeds. Adjustable from 9″ – 14″.

The small goat collar, exclusively designed for small goat breeds weighing under 50 lbs. This collar is a smaller version of our highly popular Pack Goat Collar. Crafted with high-quality woven nylon webbing, it is built to last for years. Its high-quality buckles ensure that it stays fastened and does not come undone unexpectedly. The D-ring lead attachment point is sewn into the collar, making it resistant to rips or breaks. Additionally, the D-ring doubles as a bell attachment. The collar is adjustable from 9″ – 14″ in length, making it perfect for kids or small breeds. Made of single-ply 3/4″ polyester webbing, it is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. Whether you need a collar for your dwarf breed or require a collar for kids year after year, this collar is the perfect solution. Its quick, simple, and easy-adjust design makes it the ideal choice for all small goat collar needs.

Features Include:

  • Sturdy buckle for easy use
  • Adjustable slide for 9″ to 14″ length
  • Sewn in welded metal D-ring for lead or bell attachment
  • 3/4″ polyester wear-resistant webbing
  • Optimal size for young goats or dwarf breeds

Currently available in 2 color options, red and blue.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in



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