Pack Goat Training Saddle by Marc Warnke

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The Kid Pack Trainers are perfect for you and your young goat. These trainers have detachable bags, which allows you to weigh them individually. The pads along the spine are designed to teach goats how to pack weight properly and to help them adjust to the bulk of carrying a load from one year of age. However, it is important to remember that this is not a promotion of having your young goats carrying heavy weights too early. You should keep the weight light on them until they are ready for a full-blown saddle. So, get your hands on these trainers and have fun with your packer in training! The whole unit weighs less than 3 pounds.

The Pack Goat Training Soft Saddle is a fun accessory for both you and your packer-in-training. However, it is important to remember that this is not a promotion for having young goats carry heavy weight too early. It is necessary to keep their load light until they are ready for a full-blown saddle.

The saddle comes in grey and is available in the colors olive or blaze orange. When using this saddle, it is essential to remember to order a Pannier Scale. This device is crucial for balancing panniers, especially for these smaller training saddles. The smaller the goat, the more important it is to balance the panniers correctly.

These packs are perfect for young goats and 4H projects. The young pack goats will enjoy the comfort and fitting of the saddle. This saddle is also great for a 4H competition, as it is quick and easy to use, giving you a competitive edge. If you have Nigerian goats, this saddle will work great for them too.

Features of this saddle include:

  • Detachable bags that allow you to weigh them individually
  • Pads along the spine that help the goat pack weight properly and learn to deal with the bulk of carrying the load from a year old
  • Weighs less than 3 pounds
  • Complete soft saddle design that forms to each goat’s body size and shape for a perfect fit

Get some and have fun! Weight: 3.5 Size: 12w x 12h x 4d or 576 Cubic Inches

Here is an article on how to work with your young packer.


Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in

5 reviews for Pack Goat Training Saddle by Marc Warnke

  1. David Ingerson (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a great beginner pack for your adolescent goats or miniatures look no further! The Marc Warnke signature kid packs are everything I had been searching for, but in a combination of saddle and pack in one. They have a broad adjustable range for chest, rump and double cinches. The saddle is frameless but fits awesome and keeps every bit of weight of of thier spine with zippers on the rear portion so if needed they can be fitted with more or less packing.The individual packs have a system of buckles that will not bounce or get hung up for your little packer in training, they are also easily removed to pack and weigh with a few clicks of heavy duty snap buckles. Our guys love these packs, every time they see one get handled they are ready to hit the trails. Thanks for taking the time to design these right the first time Marc!

  2. Ryan Gaither (verified owner)

    These packs are great for training younger goats! Being newer to goat packing I was concerned about making sure my younger goats were ‘used to’ having something on from a young age. I tried a dog pack and it did not work at all. This one is designed well, has detachable panniers and similar features to a full size pack system. It is very secure and stands up to the constant bouncing, jumping and playing of a younger goat. I’ve had about 3 ibs in each pannier, but think it would probably hold 8-10 ibs each side if needed.

    • Marc Warnke (verified owner)

      Thanks for the input Ryan and thanks for taking the time to say something…cheers!

  3. Tryana Thompson

    I absolutely love this pack. Not only is comfortable for the goat, but it’s easy to use. And so far I’ve had my pack for two years and I’ve had no trouble with it. Thanks Marc keep up the good work!!

    • Marc Warnke (verified owner)

      So glad you like it…labor of love!

  4. Josh Keating (verified owner)

    Thank you Marc and Matt! Recieved my training saddle today and of course, immediately put it on my 7 month old big boy fit perfectly! Had him follow me for a while just for a feel. He didn’t hardly know it was there. Quality is Great, everything very well put together perfect stitching and clip placement. Very comfy for my boy. Everything as advertised. Really happy with my purchase. I am new to the goat packing thing 7 months in and absolutely loving every minute!
    Marc your instruction has been wonderful. I have been researching so much and your videos and reading material has been invaluable.
    Thanks again
    From Colorado

  5. Madison Willers (verified owner)

    We got this for our younger and smaller goats. It is absolutely fantastic. We had a bit of a debacle with the olive color being out of stock so we got it in the lime green (which I hadn’t known was an option). My son was super happy with this change since the lime green is his favorite color and this saddle was for his 4H project goats. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

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