Classic Pack Goat Saddle

$ 199.99

Introducing the ultimate solution for your goat-sawbuck saddle needs – a design that’s simple, durable, and extremely effective. Our frame design has been proven with over 30 years of use, and the 12″ sideboards made of split-resistant poplar and heavy-duty red oak crossbucks offer maximum durability. With offset crossbucks that provide extra topload space, our innovative britchen is fine-tuned for optimum goat-fit. And, to top it off, our rugged cinch is equipped with top-of-the-line wool felt and beefy hardware, ensuring your goats are always safe and secure. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose our goat-sawbuck saddle today!

The “Classic” Pack Goat Saddle

The classic pack goat saddle design is one of the original concepts for goat saddles. This design has been updated with modern features to make it more comfortable for pack goats. However, the Stay Put Pads are not included with the saddle and must be purchased separately.

There are several aspects that set this saddle apart from other sub $200 pack goat saddles. The construction of this saddle is bomb-proof and updates the classic original saddle design. The heavy-duty cinch prevents slipping and loosening of the saddle. The perfectly designed britchen ensures goat comfort and eliminates saddle sores.

This saddle is compatible with the Stay Put Pads, which must be purchased separately. It is the best design available in this price category. A high-functioning britchen is critical for pack goat saddles. The original designed cross bucks tend to ride up on goats’ shoulders, which can cause detrimental saddle sores on goats. Without a great britchen, goats will be miserable.

The second line of defense to prevent saddle sores on goats is a nice thick pad. Additionally, a heavy-duty cinch with proper alignment is key. This saddle is made to work with all goat panniers, but we recommend the Signature Series Critter Getter Panniers with this saddle. Don’t settle for just okay. Get the best classic saddle design out there! It is the best middle-market value design available, co-developed with Bantam Saddle Tack.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in


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