Pannier Cover (For Hunters)

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This pannier cover works with the Marc Warnke Signature Series panniers and/or any traditional cross buck saddle. It also works with the New Hardcore Pannier set.  Watch the video to learn more.

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This pannier cover gives you the option to protect and keep your MWSS panniers quiet when they are stowed away. These covers are compatible with any saddle on the market. The best addition to any hunter’s arsenal when hunting with pack goats. Reversible covers allow for stealth or high visibility. Help keep your goats safe with these pack goat covers when on the move. Pair with the reflective neckbands for goat safety on and off the trail. Top-quality design and material make these covers the best pack covers anywhere.

Features include:

  • reversible cover
  • One side is bright hunter orange for use during gun season.
  • The other side is stealthy for use during bow season
  • Add these to your panniers to give you a solid advantage when hunting with your pack goats.
  • The design includes a gather to keep the cover tight
  • Additionally, attachment loops keep the cover on the goat in case brush or sticks try to snag it off.
  • This pack goat pannier cover will work with all pack goat saddles on the market
  • Works best with the Signature Series adjustable saddle and the Classic Design Saddle  

This product was made in collaboration with Matt Lyon of Bantam Saddle Tack

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in
Pannier Cover Alone


Hunter Package (with panniers)

Add this to your order for the MMSS Panniers for "Hunter Package Discount"


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