High Visibility Neckband

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Protect you pack goat during hunting season. The High Visibility Neckband is a great way to let other hunters know your goat is not a game animal.

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High Visibility Neckband

Protect your Pack Goat during hunting season with this High Visibility Neckband. These are not just for the people who use their pack goats while hunting. If you plan on hiking with goats during hunting season (August-December), the neckband is essential. It is important to let hunters know your pack goats are not game animals. This neckband is the perfect solution. Its simple to put on a goat, just Velcro it around the goats neck. The blaze orange color and reflective webbing strips are the “don’t shoot” indicators to other hunters. The 6 inch wide material makes it more visible from a longer distance than a regular Pack Goat Collar. If you plan on hitting the trails with your goat during hunting season, the High Visibility Neckband is the best way to protect your goat. You can also add the Pannier Pack Cover to your order for additional high-visibility.  Be sure to check out good tips for hunting safety for hunters and non-hunters before you adventure.


  • 6in X 26in fits even the thickest goats.
  • Blaze Orange with 2 strips of reflective webbing for high visibility and reflection.
  • Velcro closure to stay put but not pose a risk of choking.
Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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