Squirt Bottle

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The Goat Training Squirt Bottle is one of the best goat training tools out there. Its designed to fit in a pocket, so that you can have it on hand when you need it.

The Squirt Bottle is a great tool for training your goats to follow commands. It is small in size and can easily fit in your pocket due to its angular back side design. This feature allows you to carry the squirt bottle with you even when your hands are occupied. The nozzle of the bottle is adjustable and you can choose between a mist or direct spray. Unlike other squirt bottles, the nozzle won’t pop off as you adjust it. The compact and comfortable design of the bottle allows you to correct the behavior of your goats from a distance. It is an ideal tool to have on all your trips. You can easily pack it in your backpack side compartments for quick access. You can also hang it in your campsite to train your goats on commands. The bottle can be used to correct bad behavior such as begging for food or entering tents. The lightweight and durable design makes it easy to pack 2 or 3 bottles. You can even hang them on fences near gates or feeding areas. This is a must-have item for any goat owner. It is the simplest and most effective training tool available. Don’t forget to check out our other must-have Pack Goat products here.


  • 8oz Bottle
  • Impact-resistant Polyethylene Plastic
  • Squirt Nozzle Doesn’t Fall Off
Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in

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  1. Gary Robertson

    We are new to goats and we have a aggress goat and this video is the answers the how to we were looking for.Thank you so much.

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