After A Doe Gives Birth

After A Doe Gives Birth

After A Doe Gives Birth

After a doe gives birth there’s something that is really important that I want you to remember.  When you have a doe that’s had a baby, there’s a couple of things you really need to remember. So, she’s in milk now, so she needs a lot of water. And so, if you’re keeping your doe with their babies, there’s two things you need to be aware of.

After a Doe Gives Birth – Lots of Water

Number one, you got to really keep a full bucket of water.  These 2 girls are drinking a full bucket of water twice a day. So, they are drinking an enormous amount of water and they’re not even in full milk yet so you have to have lots of water available.And the other thing is a situation like this where I have buckets.  I’m always really scared to have buckets in because what happens is babies can jump in them headfirst.  And they can drown. So, number one, I like to have a smaller bucket so they can push their way back out.

Raising The Bucket Over Time

Then #2 is I like to bring it up off the ground so they can’t really get in it. They can’t get up and over, so as they grow, I’m going to raise it higher and higher. It’ll be a little complicated for her to get to it. But then once they get big by that time, they can fight their way out of a bucket.  And it won’t be an issue, but please remember that a bucket of water in with babies can be a bit of a death trap and you want to make sure that you have a doe that has given birth, has access to tons of water because she’s trying to make milk and she needs lots and lots of water to do that.

After A Doe Gives Birth

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