Pannier Goat Scale

$ 9.99

Features of the scale include:

  • 70 lb capacity – more than enough for the heaviest panniers
  • Digital screen reader
  • 1/10 decimal for accurate light weight sensitivity
  • Unit settings for both Pounds and Kilograms for worldwide use
  • Integrated ambient thermometer with both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Zeroing capability for eliminating sling or empty pannier weight readings
  • Hook and sling attachment for variable secure weighing
  • Battery included

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The pack goat pannier scale is an essential tool for every goat packer. When packing pack goat panniers, it is crucial to ensure that they are balanced side to side within 1 lb for safe packing. These lightweight pannier scales are compact and perfect for weighing panniers anywhere.

They work not only for packing but also for weighing newborn baby goats. You can document their weight at the time of birth by zeroing the scale with a sling attached. The scale includes an integrated ambient thermometer as well.

We recommend taping over the battery compartment to ensure the cover doesn’t slip.

These small digital scales are perfect for every pannier size and style. They weigh down to the tenth of a pound and have a 70 lb capacity. The digital screen reader displays the weight in both Pounds and Kilograms, making it perfect for worldwide use. The scale has 1/10 decimal for accurate lightweight sensitivity, and you can zero it to eliminate sling or empty pannier weight readings. It also includes a hook and sling attachment for secure weighing. The battery is included, and they last a good long while. You’ll never want to be caught packing without at least two of these.

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 2 in


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