Best Pack Goat Panniers (Marc Warnke Signature Series)

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Hunter’s  Getter Pack Goat Panniers

  • Bomber 1000D Nylon Cordura
  • Curved Corners Deflect Rocks and Rough Surfaces
  • Rolldown Top Repels Debris and Weather with Velcro for Easy Closure
  • Colored Loops Allow for easy Weighing and Matching of Pairs
  • Unique Strap and Buckle System for Adjusting Load Size
  • Roll up Compacktly on the Saddle While Not in Use
  • Available in a Variety of Colors, Including Camo
  • More Features are Shown in Instructional Video Below

Marc Warnke Signature Series Critter Getter Panniers

The reversible hunter cover is a great addition to your panniers and saddle.  It softens noise on the saddle and acts as a rain barrier.

The Critter Getters are a new concept in pannier design: effective with big, bulky loads, or small, compact loads (think MEAT). At approximately 20”x20”x8”, each pair provides 6400 cubic inches of space when fully loaded, but the strap configuration also allows them to compact down to about the size of a bread loaf for carrying meat.

Heavy duty fabric, hardware, and straps and double-stitched seams make these as durable as a pannier can be. These also feature our “4WD” system, which secures panniers in the roughest of off-trail environments.

Co-developed with Bantam Saddle Tack.

  • Curved corners deflect rocks and rough surfaces
  • Rolldown top repels debris and weather
  • Colored loops allow for easy weighing and matching of pairs
  • Unique strap & buckle system for adjusting loads
  • Roll up compactly on the saddle while not in use
  • Available in a variety of colors, including camo
  • More features are shown in instructional video below

Look no further than these pack goat panniers for the best in the market. Their versatile design, durability, and well-thought features make them an unbeatable choice, loved by all who buy them. These panniers are compatible with any pack goat saddle, but they are specifically designed to pair with the Marc Warnke Signature Series Saddle. The panniers have extra attachment points for accessories, making them a unique and practical option.

These panniers are capable of carrying varying loads from small to large and have an enormous capacity to transport bulky items needed for backcountry pack goat camps. You can roll them away to stow them under a cover, making them a space-saving option.

These panniers feature a secure roll-top design, high-quality and durable materials, and a secure cinch system that keeps every load balanced. They also have corner D-rings for compatibility with Goat Coat Pannier Covers and right and left panniers with corner buckles for small, heavy meat loading. The Signature Series Saddle compatible “Goat 4 wheel Drive” anti-flip pannier buckles prevent the panniers from flipping, making them a reliable and secure option. These panniers are sold as a pair and come with a great video showing how to load panniers.

For balanced panniers don’t forget to order a Pannier Scale! It’s an essential piece of equipment every goat packer must have.

Also, check out this article if interested in how much pack goats can carry.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 in

4 reviews for Best Pack Goat Panniers (Marc Warnke Signature Series)

  1. Aaron Jackman

    I purchased 3 sets and really wanted to put them through a wide range of testing before posting a review. Heavy dense loads, light to heavy bulky loads, steep terrain, overgrown trails, deadfall etc. Long story short..could not be happier. The adjustability and durability have made me a believer. I love being able to center large and small loads properly. My goats constantly fought other designs as they shifted, swung and even flipped. I would advise taking advantage of the package that includes the cover. It keeps the empty panniers ready to deploy and sleek. Again, couldn’t be more pleased. From my goats and myself… Thank you to Marc, Matt and all involved in packgoats.com for your dedication to revolutionize the pannier concept and our community.

  2. Matt

    I bought one set of these panniers about a year ago. Of the 6 styles that I have been experimenting with I can say without a doubt that Marc’s design, quality, durability, and flexibility is by far the best I have used. It did take a couple trips to get the hang of how to compress the panniers to pack small loads like meat but well worth taking the time to get used to them. I take these panniers with me on every trip no matter the load. I’m learning how having your goats with you while you hunt is huge, and being able to have the equipment you need with you when you are successful is invaluable. These things roll up tight and are very quiet. I can’t wait to see what Marc and Matt dreams up next!

  3. Blake (verified owner)

    I bought two sets of the Mark Warnke Signature Series panniers a year ago and could not be happier! This is one product that has done everything well. Ifeel like they have allowed me to get the most out of my goats. They are incredibly adjustable, they are well made and they are so much more comfortable for my goats to pack with. I use them for hunting, which means bulky loads in and small heavy loads out and being able to do both while positioning the loads properly has been a game changer. I have a few more I need to get this year and I am absolutely sticking with these.

  4. Keith Hubbard (verified owner)

    These are excellent panniers. They seem to handle nearly every odd load I can throw at them. At times I have struggled to make medium sized loads carry well, but but with practice am figuring out little tricks to make those work too. Small and large to extra large loads are a cinch (pun intended). Love the “4-wheel drive mode”, and the stow-able feature too. My goats have HAMMERED these panniers (as they were beginners themselves when I first bought these, shoving and scraping through the forest before they learned how to better finesse their way through); but regardless these panniers have endured the abuse beautifully and are still going strong! These combined with their new signature series saddles was a bit of sticker shock at first, and so initially, I regrettably shied away and bought their wooden saddles. I am now replacing all of my wooden saddles with their new one. Do it! Completely worth it!

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