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Marc Warnke, “The Goat Guy”, of gives his review of the full lineup of available saddle styles on the market. Don’t decide based only on your budget!!! Each saddle has its place but it’s crucial to know which saddle is right for you. It’s important to consider your packing goals, individual goats, and your budget when choosing saddles for packing. Take the time, save money, and make the right investment.

Pack Goat Training Saddle

The Pack Goat Training Soft Saddle is a blast for you and your packer in training. It’s important to remember this is not a promotion of having your young goats packing weight too early.  Keep everything light on them until they are ready for a full blown saddle. They come with a grey saddle and the color choices are olive or blaze orange.

These packs are awesome for a young 4H trainer.  Their young pack goats will love the comfort and fit.  Also if you are wanting a 4H saddle to compete with this one will be fast and easy and help you win your competition.  Here is a good article on that.  If you have Nigerian these packs will work great for that as well.  Here is a good article on how to work with your young packer.

Features of this saddle include:

  • The bags are detachable which allows you to weigh them individually.
  • The pads along the spine help a goat to pack weight properly as well as learn to deal with the bulk of carrying a load from 1 year on.
  • The whole unit weighs less than 3 pounds.
  • Complete soft saddle design forms to each goats’ body size and shape for perfect fit

Get some and have a blast!

The Pack Goat Soft Saddle is the perfect mix. We’ve brought the ease and simplicity of the Kid Trainer Pack to full adult size. 

It’s the most economic full saddle and pannier combination on the market. This is the ideal saddle for the day packer looking to carry up to about 35 lbs per goat. The soft design allows perfect molded fit to any goat and eliminates sores. This saddle is not intended for hardcore, high mileage, or heavyweight trips. However, it is the ideal setup and price point for the day packer or weekend cruiser. Also, it’s ideal for 4-H showing! It’s the easiest saddle and pannier loading system yet.

This saddle is perfect for the goat packer who isn’t looking to push the limits or break the bank. Also, it will be the most comfortable saddle a goat has ever worn! Don’t forget your scale! This saddle is also great for packing with does or any goat not quite large enough for a standard cross-buck but still fits any adult goat. Got a little one in training? Check out the Kid Trainer Pack.

Features of the Adult Soft Saddle Include:

  • Self-molding, perfect fit soft saddle design
  • Rigid top plates for durability and structure
  • Includes detachable panniers for individual weight balance
  • 4 point, easy adjust saddle quick connections
  • 1000 Denier Nylon durable construction
  • Ideal britchen and chest collar height
  • Dual cinch straps
  • Easy carry, load trapping loop
  • Anti-flip 3rd pannier connection point
  • Easy realease for full saddle and pannier removal

Tech Specs

  • Saddle weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Pannier Set weight: 2.4
  • Total weight: 5.4 lbs
  • *This saddle is not compatible with other panniers and is sold as a complete set.

Ideal Uses for the Adult Soft Saddle

  • Day packing
  • Picnicking
  • Bird hunting
  • Low distance overnight packing
  • 4-H Showing
  • Training
  • Approximate 35 lb load limit packing
  • Any goat not quite large enough for a standard cross-buck saddle
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Large pack goat panniers are the solution for your bulk packing needs. This is one of the few panniers that carries long items like tents, cots, fly rod cases, and cooking grates. Having a set of large pack goat panniers on at least one goat in your string solves many needs for packing bulky items. Whether it’s the comforts of home or your essential tools, you no longer need to leave it at home.

Also, don’t forget to order a Pannier Scale! It’s an essential piece of equipment every goat packer must have for balancing panniers.

Large pack goat pannier features include:

  • Easy & convenient packing and unpacking provided by a “suitcase” design style.
  • Accessories like water bottles or sunscreen remain accessible on the trail in two front pockets on each pannier.
  • Heavy duty Cordura construction for abrasion resistance and long life.
  • Contoured corners so branches and rocks glance harmlessly off.
  • Durable acetyl buckles and heavy duty poly webbing for durability.
  • Heavy duty zippers will keep your gear secure for the long term.
  • Adjustable pannier loops ensure versatile and secure saddle fit.
  • Metal D-rings on bottom corners allow sure attachment for goat coats.

Color selection varies from time to time. We will contact you to confirm your color choice. They are often available in two-tone gray/black, olive/black, and khaki/burgundy, sage/gray, etc. Priced per pair.  Here is a link to the saddle used in the photos and video. Saddle

Also, check out this article if interested in how much pack goats can carry.

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The Small Roll Top Pannier for Pack Goats is a great “smaller” alternative to the Signature Series Panniers which are our larger capacity panniers.

Small roll top pannier model is made of the same durable material and design as the Signature Series Panniers without all of the extra features. The roll top feature allows you to have a nice compact load and the heavy duty cordura protects your gear from the rugged trails. Sticks and stones glance off these packs with ease.  The simplicity of these panniers allows you to adventure on with out breaking the bank. It is perfect for a smaller goat, lighter load, or shorter trip. This model will fit on any Pack Goat Saddle on the market with the same simple attachment. The Small Roll Top Pack Goat Pannier comes in Red, Royal Blue, Grey and Blaze Orange. Sold in sets of 2. These panniers offer the same great reliability of the Signature Series in a smaller package and price.

Also, don’t forget to order a Pannier Scale! It’s an essential piece of equipment every goat packer must have for balancing panniers.

TECH SPECS of the Small Roll Top Panniers:

  • Volume: Approx. 2048 cu. inches per pannier, 4096 cu. in. per pair. The perfect size for smaller pack needs.
  • Size:  16w x 16h x 8d
  • Construction: 1000 denier Cordura for abrasion resistance for the long haul.
  • Hardware: Steel & acetal D-rings for pack cover compatibility.

Also, check out this article if interested in how much pack goats can carry.

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This pannier cover gives you the option to protect and keep quiet your MWSS panniers when they are stowed away. These covers are compatible with any saddle on the market.  The best addition to any hunter’s arsenal when hunting with pack goats. Reversible covers allow for stealth or high visibility. Help keep your goats safe with these pack goat covers when on the move. Pair with the reflective neck bands for goat safety on and off the trail. Top quality design and material make these covers the best pack covers anywhere.

TECH SPECS of the Small Roll Top Panniers:

  • Reversible cover.
  • One side is bright hunter orange for use during gun season.
  • The other side is stealthy for use during bow season
  • Add these to your panniers to give you a solid advantage when hunting with your pack goats.
  • Design includes a gather to keep the cover tight
  • Additionally, attachment loops keep the cover on the goat in case brush or sticks try to snag it off.
  • This pack goat pannier cover will work with all pack goat saddles on the market.
  • Works best with the Signature Series adjustable saddle and the Classic Design Saddle

This product was made in collaboration with Matt Lyon of Bantam Saddle Tack

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