Affordable Pack Goat Saddle and Panniers for 4H and Nigerians

Banding Pack Goats

Pack Goat Saddle for 4H

I am asked on a consistent basis if there is a pack goat saddle for 4H competitions at the local fairs.  I’m also asked if there is a pack that will work with smaller breeds. Goats like Nigerians or smaller does of the larger breeds.  The answer is YES to all these questions. It’s our Kid Packs. Goats cannot take heavy loads till they are 4 years old and you never want to load a goat with weight on their spines.  A common mistake is putting a dog pack on small goats and it will hurt your goat…don’t do it.

The 4H kid packs work very well for competitions. Many are timed in on how quickly they can load the panniers and saddles. Due to the very simple construction, these are very quick to put on and easy to get adjusted in advance.  They are also a safe alternative as many of the contestants are showing these goats at young ages. This pack is made specifically for smaller or young goats. At @119.99 for both saddle and pannier, it’s the most affordable alternative around.  You also may find this helpful…here is video showing you how to lead train a pack goat.

Now for the smaller breeds of goats like Nigerians. These kid packs work awesome in that they keep the loads off the spine. Because the panniers are detachable, it’s possible to weigh them individually and get them balanced.  To see a video that shows you the things to consider when loading a pannier on a goat look here.  So get your kid packs today and get your young or small Nigerian packing your lunch and drinks for you…you will have a blast.   I hope this was helpful, Marc.