Running Pack Goats In Person Event 2022

Running Pack Goats In Person Event 2022 Introduction Running Pack Goats In Person Event 2022 course is the most extensive course, ever created on all things pack goats! Knowing everything you need to know to be a successful goat packer takes years and lots of expensive lessons learned to know the craft.  Avoid all those […]

Birthing Course

Are you new to goat husbandry? Helping a doe deliver can be extremely intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a lot of information out there so can be easy to get overwhelmed. With this course, everything you need to know is in a concise and easy to follow format. The course covers everything […]

Pack Goat 101 Course

Pack Goat 101 Course

Pack Goat 101 Course The Pack Goat 101 Course is the most informational and comprehensive tool anywhere for packing with goats. No matter your level of experience in goat packing there is something in this course for you. This course will benefit anyone regardless of goals for a pack goat string. Whether it’s day trips […]

Goat Milking and Trimming Stanchion Plans

Goat Stanchion

Goat Stanchion Building Plans A quality goat stanchion is a critical tool for every goat owner and not just for dairy goats. All goats both male and female require regular hoof trimming at least every few months. Having a stanchion greatly facilitates this process and makes hoof trimming a breeze. Not to mention just a […]

A-Z Milk Goat Course

Milking Goats

A-Z Milk Goat Course: Introduction to Milking Goats Introduction to Milking Goats Welcome, we know you are ready to dive right in and start learning this amazing world of milking a goat. We know this course will teach you everything you need to know.  I have owned goats for years and I am still learning […]

How to Raise a Baby Goat Course

How to Raise a Baby Goat Course

Welcome to How to Raise a Baby Goat Course We are so excited for you to begin your raising a baby goat course. We hope this course makes you the most prepared new goat owner out there. This world is in its infant stages and it can be difficult to sift through the information that […]

Horned Goat Feeder Plans

Goat Feeder

Building Plans for Horned Goat Feeders   These horned goat feeder plans are the culmination of 6 years of progressive development to minimize waste while feeding multiple horned goats while keeping them from entering the feeder. This feeder design is easily customized and is for use underneath a shelter. For outdoor feeders, keep corner posts […]