Weight Bearing Timeline

Weight Bearing Timeline

A weight bearing timeline is critical. If you start off packing your young goats heavy they won’t have the strength or stamina to carry it all and go the distance. It also is detrimental to their overall health and growth. They are still growing and maturing until they are 4 years old. Once they are 4 years old they can pack their full capacity (15% of their body weight). Until then, it is crucial to introduce weight incrementally.

1 year old goats shouldn’t carry a ton of weight. Start them off with bulk ( sleeping bags or pillows that fill panniers)

2-3 years old goats can start packing up to 10% of their body weight

3 years old and beyond can pack up to 15% of their body weighthttps://packgoats.com/pack-goat-conditioning-and-weight-bearing-timeline/

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