Hand Milking

Hand Milking

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Hand milking

There is a technique to hand milking and it is important to watch this video a few times to get a good grasp on how to hold the udder and squeeze like an accordion with your fingers.  To begin you will need to prepare the udder by using teat wipes to clean and clean your hands

In the backcountry, one option is to use a Klean canteen.  The Klean canteen is single walled and you can milk right into it.  It can be put into a creek after milking which allows milk to cool down quickly.

Pros and cons of hand milking

  • Cons:  Interacting more with the milk opens up chances of contamination so it is important to strain the milk.  With a milking system, it is a closed environment versus an open environment with hand milking. Hand milking is hard to learn and can hurt your back and hands over time and then you won’t milk as much.  The Simple Pulse machine takes that all away and is 2-3 times faster. Remember, it depends on what your goals are.  Cleanup is easy with the Simple Pulse Machine.
  • Pros:  Hand milking is the cheapest way to milk and you only need a stainless steel bucket to be easily sanitized so the bucket is your only cost.
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