Actual Loading Of Goats Preparing For Hike

Actual Loading Of Goats Preparing For Hike

Chester showed what goats could do. He was an amazing great goat, packed from 2 years old to 10 years old.

The Goal 

  • Hike to the Summit to see the view
  • 2 goats should be unloaded for longer trips: to alter goat tiring
  • See how to manage your goats
  • Use walking sticks to keep goats from goats stepping in front of you
  • Keep your group behind the goats

Fitting a saddle on Slick #190 lb goat

  • Approach goat on the left side: nice and calm
  • To fit a goat with the saddle, place your left hand on the shoulder blade: the saddle touches your thumb: allow 1 inch of space
  • The common sore spot is the shoulder: the key is a good britchen
  • The fit is snug, not tight
  • 1st strap: pull out and up: hair lays normal: click and cinch
  • Pressure on the strap with 3 or 4 fingers
  • Watch the strap by penis
  • 2nd strap: 60% not as cinched as the 1st strap
  • Britchen: 4 inches below the butthole
  • Don’t put it too loose or your goat will get a wear spot
  • Yoke: Place behind the collar: clip at the top
  • Snug, not too tight so they can move comfortably
  • Held in position by the cinch
  • Yoke and Britchen: rely on extreme terrain


Using Goat 4-Wheel Drive 

  • Depending on terrain: Goat 4-Wheel Drive is used 10% of the time
  • The goat 4-wheel-drive is kind of a hassle but will have less billowing
  • It takes 2 people to do
  • Straps need to be longer to attach: criss-cross the straps
  • Don’t forget to compress the saddle: cinch loosened- check the backside- tighten the cinch
  • Use the center bar to criss-cross the straps
  • Loads need to be level
  • Panniers built slightly higher than the belly
  • Losen straps for geometrical
  • ONLY the Signature Series can do Goat 4-Wheel Drive
  • Last thing: the leash: loop and 1 knot
  • To bind: wrap the leash around the bar and connect it off the side of the saddle, to avoid clanking noise
  • Keep it loose enough for the goat to drink and get down and eat


Do you use the top of the saddle to pack?

  • No not typically, but the only item ever: a roll pad
  • The purpose of the saddle: goats go under logs without catching
  • It is a wreck waiting to happen
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