Presentation: Back Feet First

You’ll see the dewclaws and the toes pointed down like upside down tear drops.

What to do:

Slowly pull each leg straight in the direction of the doe’s pelvis.

Once the butt is free you have to pull the kid quickly because as soon as the umbilical cord breaks the kid is going to take a breath. If the kid’s head is still in the doe it will inhale the birth fluid which can drown the kid.

As soon as the kid is completely out, cradle the kid’s head, neck and back legs and swing the kid to dislodge fluid from the lungs (see the videos for an example).

Presentation: Tail first no feet

Tail will be the only thing to present.

What to Do:

Push the tail in between contractions, find the hocks, then find the feet and gently pull one leg out straight and then the other. Once you have both feet out and straight, follow the same procedure for breech with feet.

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