Dive Into Gear For Both Goats and People Kitchen System Gear

Dive Into Gear For Both Goats and People Kitchen System Gear

Sharing kitchen system gear: kettle, instant coffee, pots, a cooler system with frozen cubes, and food. Tips to keep yourself strong and resilient in the backcountry.

Kitchen System Gear


  • True mountaineer has a pot always on the fire
  • Water going all the time for coffee and cleaning
  • Don’t get a percolator kettle (will melt/break)


Instant Coffee

  • Mount Hagen instant coffee
  • Get from Amazon or health food stores



  • Titanium pot system: easy to clean with paper towels
  • Store in a bag: black soot will get everywhere, hanging loop is important
  • For Large groups: Use an Enamel pot
  • One-Pot System
  • Eat the same soup 2 times a day
  • Add salty protein, broth, hamburger/chicken
  • Keep using can get 8 meals out of it
  • Chicken curry, stew, chili
  • Use a brick of butter (note not a cube a Brick) good for your body fat calories

Did you know

  • It takes 6 weeks to acclimate 8500 ft
  • Take care of yourself: Good Sleep Good Nutrition


Cooler System

  • Pre-freeze the cooler the night before in the freezer
  • Use the frozen cooler gel brick- good product
  • Don’t recommend using ice: creates bacteria and turns to water making a mess
  • Soft cooler: don’t buy high-end, too heavy, and bulky
  • Hard cooler: used as another seat
  • If a trip is over 5 days: use 5 lbs of dry ice (it disintegrates)



  • Freeze meat, sauce, and butter
  • Dehydrate veggies, use jars of cured meat
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