How To Handle Vet Issues: Common Ways Babies Die & Medicines Used

How To Handle Vet Issues: Common Ways Babies Die & Medicines Used

3 Common Ways Babies Die and Medicines Used

There are not enough vets to treat goats who actually know a lot. Build a trusting relationship with your vet to get medicines.


#1 Diarrhea

  • Aka Poopy pants: after 5 days can die
  • Day 1 Observe
  • Day 2 Give Pepto Bismo or Probios: Sooths
  • Day 3 and 4 Asess Make sure it is not stress or something they ate. Treat with SMZ aka Sulfa (get medicine from horse owners and vets) Take a 800 mg and break it in half. If not drinking or eating give as a drench. If eating like normal mix in their milk. 1 time a day for 5 days.
  • Note at Days 3 and 4 Ecoli or coccidiosis could set on
  • Day 5 Antibiotics full treatment
  • Day 6 Too late for a poop sample they could die
  • CAUTION: once they stop eating: dehydration, low electrolytes, nutrition, physical strength, and diarrhea will occur
  • DO NOT give Pepto Bismo over and over can cause constipation
  • If constipation occurs inject in butt caster oil, give it 15 minutes to work


#2 Goat Polio

  • Stress, illness, transporting, or hay causes
  • Day 1 other goats are bouncy but they stay back, glassy-eyed, confused, bleat differently, and lethargic
  • Treat with Vitamin B complex or cattle injectable vitamin B complex
  • Give early
  • Day 2 drunkenness, neurological, fall over, mini seizures, one day away from blindness
  • Day 3 Blindness
  • Day 4 and 5 Brain damage
  • Day 5 and 6 Die
  • Happens in early life and end of life


#3 Pneumonia

  • Listen for a wet cough
  • Almost always pneumonia is not present
  • Listen for baby aspirating, chewing cud
  • Snotty nose early symptom
  • Check their temperature in the rectum
  • Normal temperatures 101-103
  • Depending on the outside environment adjust their temperature
  • Safer to treat
  • Medicine to give
  • Cheap easily available LA200 and LA300: burns, 70% effective, need #18 needle, give 3 times in 6 days
  • ¬†Prefer Nuflor: burns some, give 2 times
  • Also Nuflor Gold: preventative of Movi
  • Draxxin: expensive, 1 shot wonder, lasts 7 days
  • Build a relationship with your vet to get medications
  • Team up with a neighbor and share with friends
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