How to Handle Vet Issues: Questions

How to Handle Vet Issues: Questions



Is Sulfa only available at a vet?

  • Stock supply stores may carry
  • A vet is more likely to get from


Goat Poisoning

  • Goats will throw up, they will come to you, snotty foam
  • Backcountry poisoning: use charcoal from the campfire grind and give it as a drench
  • Toxic plant in Idaho: lupin. Watch for white milky sap
  • Goats will learn toxic plants will hurt their stomach and know not to again. Treat themselves
  • Area-specific know your area
  • A common killer is goat gets into decorative plants in yards if your goats get out of your yard


Killer of Goats: Domesticated Dogs

  • Most common breed: Husky dog
  • Use bear spray, use a walking stick, get loud let the dog owner know to get their dog to protect them from goat attacking


What to do with horn damage?

  • Rubbing creates a thin spot and breaks
  • Lethal injury, a major vein in the horn
  • Stop the bleeding, prevent maggots with an open wound
  • Vet capabilities: clotting agent
  • Problem while healing: rubbing horns scab falls off and bleeds, use epoxy to fill and prevent bleeding
  • Goat Club Members have full access to Chester’s broken horn video
  • De-horning is a personal choice


If a goat dies of sickness can you butcher it?

  • Be cautious of what sickness
  • No, if sick
  • Old and served their purpose then yes butcher
  • Teeth in older goats lack the ability to long live. Float goat’s teeth at 6 years old and again at 8 or 9 years old
  • Goat Club members have full video access to how to kill a goat
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