Introduction to Milking Goats

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Welcome to our Milking Goats Course!

In this course, we will be going over a broad overview of milking goats for people getting into milking for personal consumption.  We will be going over the process from beginning to end.  We have brought in Cristen Sullivan who has been milking goats for 12 years and owned goats for 20 years.  Cristen is very knowledgeable in the goat community and is the founder of the Simple Pulse Milking Machine.

In this course you will learn:

  • Overview of the Process and Cycle
  • Best Breeds for Milking
  • Milking Schedule and Drying Up
  • Benefits and Value of Goat Milk
  • Testing your Goat Milk and Things to Know
  • Milking Area Cleanliness
  • Building and Maintaining a Milking area
  • Different Milking Methods
  • The Simple Pulse Machine and Clean Up
  • Nutrition, Health and Wellness of a Doe in Milk
  • Goat Milk Recipes
  • Selling Goat Milk and What You Need to Know

We at Pack Goats hope you enjoy this course!

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