Necessary Training: 3 Most Valued Commands

Necessary Training: 3 Most Valued Commands

3 Most Valued Commands

Goats are geared to work, on the trail hiking and packing, birthing, and milking. Don’t overthink training. There are 3 most valued commands that we use. The key is to have love and interaction with them.

Back Command

  • Use when feeding, opening a gate, and working with them in the field altogether, and on the trail
  • On the trail: when goats come together with humans they think all are part of the herd
  • Important when meeting humans on the trail to stand still, and let our group/herd leave so the goats don’t follow the other group

Up Command

  • Use Up to load in trailer or back of the truck

Woah and No Command

  • Use woah when putting on saddles
  • Teach them to stand still
  • Jerk on the collar/leash till they learn to stand still and use woah
  • Use No with throwing a rock or stick to stay out of an area or get out of somewhere you don’t want them at
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