Optimal Pasture Set-Up: Questions

Optimal Pasture Set-Up: Questions

Optimal Pasture Set-Up Questions


On Feeders: Why is there a large opening on the side?

  • Have a goat named Noah who has a horn flare, that’s his spot
  • Noticed that only one goat would eat there at a time
  • Larger opening for hay feeding

Water Trough Cleanings, is this a must-do?

  • Baby goat’s water is cleaned every day
  • Older goats, no not diligent, in fact never had a health concern, we do not have moss that grows in our troughs.
  • Set up troughs higher than their butts: use a log for them to use their front legs to stand to drink
  • Cleans 1 or 2 times a month by spraying out
  • Do clean out often if there is poop
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