Trip Planning For Both Backpacking and Hunting

Trip Planning For Both Backpacking and Hunting Pre Trip Planning Tools

[video_embed url=”https://youtu.be/Rtv1upqst0I”]Save your life know the daily weather

Pre-Trip Planning Tools

  • Satellite In-reach
  • Gives you the exact locations
  • Shares with family and loved ones that you’re moving to each location
  • Be responsible
  • Map route
  • From vehicle to trail: have a plan ABC
  • Map distance: mileage
  • Plan 2 or 3 miles an hour: 30% steeper
  • Map incline: start at the bottom of the trail
  • Keep breaks in mind for goats and humans
  • Plan for the weather, mileage, elevation gain
  • Know the entry and exit of trip
  • Technology: Satellite In-reach, Hill map, Google Earth
  • There are 1300 un-named lakes in Idaho: Marc has seen 36 of them
  • Lifeflight Insurance: Global rescue 100 miles from home
  • Pack Goat 101 course goes in-depth on how to start to finish trips

Goat Courses

Pack Goat 101 Course

$ 97.99
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