New Baby Goat Owner Starter Guide

Baby Goat

New Baby Goat Owner Starter Guide

Welcome! Want to own baby goats? Not sure how or where to start? At Packgoats.com, we are here to help you learn and prepare for owning goats on your homestead. We have created a simple checklist to help start your process. This guide will get you to a great start. Our mission is to give you all the tools and resources to own and raise goats successfully. In this article, we have four steps. First, reserve your goats. Second, get yourself a step-by-step course. Third, the baby goat kit, gear used in your goat’s first weeks of life. Finally, don’t forget to join the goat club and become a member of facebook’s greatest of all time members-only discounts on all courses and products.

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Reserve Your New Baby Goats

Your first step is to purchase new baby goats. By reserving with us you will have a built-in support system with each kid. We help train and gear your packer for his entire lifetime. Having a goat gives you many possibilities of being self-sufficient. Goat milk, goat milk products, pets, and taking adventures with pack goats are just some of the benefits of owning goats. This goat kid reservation service allows you to specify your preferred breed or hybrid, sex, and the number of baby goats. Be sure and reserve yours today.

Get a Baby Goat Course or Course Bundle 

The second step after you purchase or reserve your goats is to get yourself started on a goat course. Our courses are lifetime access with over time updated information. These courses will shortcut your time to be a successful goat owner. Depending on your adventures, we have many courses and bundles to chose from to save you money. Check out these great deals.

Baby Goat Kit

The third step is the Baby Goat Kit. When it comes to owning new baby goats we know what gear is needed. This kit includes a small goat collar, goat tether, bottle nipple and a Squirt Bottle for training. It is an all-in-one kit that will start your new goat ownership with the tools you need.

  • Small goat collar is perfect for small goat breeds and goats under about 50 lbs. This collar adjusts from 9″ – 14″ in length.
  • Goat tether is the perfect 20-inch solution for the quick, simple, tethering of goats. Dual swivels on the attachments reduce the risk of twisting and tangling.
  • Baby goat bottle nipple is specially designed to fit a 5/8″ hole in a bucket. Nipple fits onto most pop/soda bottles.
  • Squirt Bottle for training the back command.

Join the Goat Club & Become a Member

Finally, step four to our new baby goat owner starter guide, join the Goat Club. When owning baby goats, this membership gives you the opportunity to observe us live at Kimberlite Ranch, receive discounts, be part of a community of goat lovers with a private Facebook group, and much more! You will get that one-on-one and ask questions. Watch more in-depth videos on how-to’s to really learn goat ownership without the stress of the unknown.

Did you know by becoming a Goat Club Member one of the perks to our membership is getting your courses at 50% off!

Marc Warnke’s passion and desire for goats have inspired the goat community. He has brought joy and happiness with videos, education, and entertainment. His love and kindness towards goats are the many reasons so many have purchased baby goats, courses, and gear. Join the goat movement on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and our website Packgoats.com.