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  1. Marilyn Griffin says:

    I am interested in purchasing your smallest packs for Nigerian dwarf goats. I can’t navigate well enough to find it. Could you send me a link? Right now, I have 2 Nigerian dwarfs and a mini fainting goat that are 3 months old. I would like to start training these babies. I got them a month ago and with being with them every day for about 3 hours a day, they are now my bffs. I cannot pick them up yet and when I pick up the fainting goat and put him back down, he still falls over (not sure a fainting goat is the best choice for a pack goat but he is obedient and the sweetest one) I would like some more info. Like, when to put on a halter, when to put on a pack, what to do first, etc. please help me. I know you offer some training videos, do you offer for purchase some hold in my hand materials that I can physically take out to the goat yard?
    Thank you so much. I intend to pack the packs (eventually) with books.

    • Lyn says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      Your baby goats sound so sweet!!! Here is link for the training pack goat saddle: https://packgoats.com/product/pack-goat-training-saddle-by-marc-warnke/
      We also have 2 courses you would really benefit from. We have “How to Raise A Baby Goat” with everything on nutrition, training, play structures and etc. We just released our new course “Pack Goats 101” too you would benefit long term. These courses are accessible for life so you always have the content and videos to read and look over. If we add new content to them, you would have that too! So they are a great benefit! Look under “Goat Courses” on our main menu and you will find these courses and lots of other beneficial courses/educational materials including building plans for horned goats and etc. Sounds like you are taking excellent care of your little ones!

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