Helpful Products For Goats During the Fall

High Visibility Neckband

Helpful Products For Goats During the Fall

As the season changes from hot and humid to cool and crisp, Today at packgoats.com we share some helpful products for your goats during the fall. Going from summer heat to fall weather swiftly can really affect the health of your goat. Be prepared for changes and be aware of your goat’s behaviors. We hope to be helpful with resources to keep your goats healthy and safe through the fall and while in the backcountry with hunters. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed and up to date on all things goat.

Time For Goat Health Check in the Fall

A goat health check in the fall begins with becoming aware of your goat’s behavior. So if there is sickness or a condition you will be prepared. The first thing we ask ourselves are they caught up on their CD&T vaccine. Not sure? We have a must-read article on CDT vaccinations and when to give them that will reassure you and help you decide the best time to vaccinate. New to goats and want more information we have a great read called Goat Health Care book, 2nd edition covers how to understand your goats and their behaviors to keep on the farm or next to your bed.

Be Alert For a Cold Turned Into Pneumonia

Be on alert it could be pneumonia. With the smoke in the air and cooler temperatures at night. A slight cough will be present but pneumonia could settle in. Check out this youtube video with Marc treating pneumonia and listen to what it sounds like. Pneumonia is a risk in the spring and fall. Please give us a call or send us a message if you have any questions. We are not veterinarians but have the experience to acknowledge a cold turned pneumonia. As always please contact your veterinarian for further instructions.

Coccidiosis is Very Common in Kids Under 6 Months of Age

Kids under 6 months of age are most susceptible to coccidia overload, which is also called Coccidiosis. To learn more about Coccidia here is a great read by Jasmine Jean, Admin from Goats Tips and Tricks on Facebook.  She shares, “coccidia is a protozoan parasite that kills many young animals. Almost all adult goats will have some coccidia present in their system, but their stronger immune system keeps them from being affected. Coccidia can present NO SYMPTOMS. Just because a kid isn’t showing any sign of illness does not mean you’re in the clear. A fecal test is the best way to determine if coccidia is present and if the load is too high. I personally prefer Toltrazuril for treatment as it works very well, however, it has a longer withdrawal time so if you are raising meat goats or 4H goats, I recommend using Albon instead.”Underdosing may result in ineffective treatment and can increase the risk of antiparasitic resistance.  Livestock producers and animal owners, together with their veterinarians, should monitor herds/flocks to determine the extent of antiparasitic resistance on a particular farm.  Fecal examinations should be used to monitor resistance.  Dewormers should be used as only one part of an overall internal parasite control program.  Using sustainable non-drug methods along with dewormers to control parasites may slow the development of resistance.  Consult your veterinarian about using this product as a preventative with your goats.

Goat Safety In the Backcountry 

For keeping goats safe in the backcountry we recommend the High Visibility Neckband. These are not just for the people who use their pack goats while hunting. If you plan on hiking with goats during hunting season (August-December), the neckband is essential. It is important to let hunters know your pack goats are not game animals. This neckband is the perfect solution. It’s simple to put on a goat, just Velcro it around the goat’s neck. The blaze orange color and reflective webbing strips are the “don’t shoot” indicators to other hunters. If you plan on hitting the trails with your goat during hunting season, the High Visibility Neckband is the best way to protect your goat.

Not Satisfied With Your Goat Knowledge

Let’s talk about your confidence in growing healthy strong goats. Are you ready to take on the new goat ownership? Still not ready and confident? Here at packgoats.com, we strive to teach you everything you need to know about raising goats. Rather it is raising baby goats, milking goats, meat goats, wanting pack goats, or just cute backyard pets, we have you covered. Feel confident with the tools and resources in our courses to help you succeed. Click on the course that fits your needs. Thanks for stopping by.


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