CDT Vaccination For Baby Goats

CDT Vaccination For Baby Goats

Giving Baby Goats CDT Vaccination

Giving your baby goats their CDT vaccination is critical; they prevent common diseases. However, a baby is really susceptible to disease after birth. The most important vaccination is the CD&T vaccination, a vaccine for enterotoxemia and tetanus. Enterotoxemia is caused by two types of bacteria, clostridium perfringens, type C and type D, they are naturally found in goats in small amounts. However, sugars and starches in a goat’s diet can cause them to grow exponentially in harmful amounts. Tetanus is a bacteria that can cause infections in wounds and is more prevalent in certain areas than others but all goats must be protected.

CD&T can be passed on from the doe to the baby through the colostrum of the milk. One month before birth, vaccination is crucial for the does. So that the baby comes out strong and immune. If you are buying from a breeder make sure you ask if the doe has been vaccinated a month before giving birth.

Baby Goat Vaccination Timeline Schedule

Most importantly, a vaccination timeline schedule will determine the health of your baby goats. Prevent sicknesses by giving your goats their CDT and their Bo-Se which is a selenium vitamin E shot that makes them resilient and strong. Check out this area map to find if your soil is deficient in selenium. Your soil level should be over .5ppm. Or you can call your local extension office. Give vaccinations to the whole herd in the spring when given to the babies.

  • once the baby is born, we recommend giving a Bo-Se booster at 7 days of age. (purchase from the vet)
  • Give the CDT vaccine for the listed times below.
  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 90 days
  • 1 year
  • Every year for the rest of their life.
  • Treat for Rabies for area-specific ask your vet.

Supplies Needed For CDT Vaccination

Supplies needed for CDT vaccination. The recommended length is a 1-inch needle. Always use a new needle per goat. As a result, diseases can spread through bodily fluids. Using a smaller needle will depend on the liquid, since CDT is thin an 18 gauge is a great size. Also this size they will barely feel the injection. The best needle design is a lure lox, it screws in, so with the pressure, it will not blow off.

  • CDT vaccination: nonsubscription, purchase from a local feed store.
  • 18 gauge, 1-inch needle with a Luer lock connection.
  • 20 ml syringe

CDT Vaccination For Baby Goats  CDT Vaccination For Baby Goats

How To Give A Baby Goat Their Vaccination 

Giving your baby goats their CDT vaccination yearly will keep their overall wellness strong and healthy. The cost of the vaccine is cheaper than if your goats get sick and need a vet. Watch for signs of colic, bloat, muscle stiffness, convulsions, and inability to eat or drink. Conduct the shot in a spot where none of the pack gear rubs.

  1. Give them their shots in the same place, for example, the corner of their shelter or fence.
  2. Tie up goat with a short leash so they can’t move forward or backward. Press their body up against a corner.
  3. Connect the Luer lock needle to the syringe.
  4. Fill the syringe with 2ML of CDT vaccine, with no air in the syringe.
  5. Pinch the skin, pull away from the body, and at a down angle shove it right down under the skin, not in muscle.
  6. Let them transition, then Love them up and remind them you are not dangerous or threatening.


How to Raise a Baby Goat CourseGiving your baby goats their CDT vaccination prevents common diseases and sicknesses. It is easy to do by yourself. If you liked this article and found it helpful, check out the how to raise a baby goat course for more resources and tips to grow healthy happy goats. Learn the necessary skills to care for a baby goat in its first year. Be sure to check out packgoats.com our mission is to become a leading resource on all things for owning your goats. In addition, help you feel confident about the information and be successful in raising your goats.