How to Bone Out Elk for Pack Goats

How to Bone Out Elk for Pack Goats

How to Bone Out an Elk for Pack Goats

This video shows how Marc butchers elk;  bone out elk for pack goats to be packed in pack goat panniers.  See the details of the how’s and why’s that make the job simple through this video. This process is the best and easiest way to pack out game animals for hunters. For any questions of how to load panniers, etc, feel free to post questions in the comments.  Good luck to filling the freezer!! For more videos on Hunting with Pack Goats check out packgoats.com youtube channel!

Several factors come into play when boning out an elk for pack goat packout. The size and ability of your goats as well as the distance needed to pack will affect your planning on how to bone out your game. First quarter out the game and cut out the meat you are harvesting. Knowing the process is helpful for separating loads or leaving parts attached. The neck usually makes a nice even load for example. Also, knowing your cuts is helpful when piecing things out. Burger for example can be chopped up into any size necessary. Tenderloins on the other hand you will want to leave intact. Fully boning out an elk is crucial for goat packing. Packing out the bones adds lots of unnecessary weight. Bagging your meat equally from both sides of the game will be very beneficial; i.e. left front quarter to right front quarter.

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5 thoughts on “How to Bone Out Elk for Pack Goats

  1. david mercado says:

    I’m soo glad I stumbled upon your website! I’m just starting my venture into pack goats and will buying my first 2 soon! I will be using them for hunting in Wyoming and I am going to be on this site non stop I can already tell! I will be following all your techniques and will be learning everything from you, thank you

  2. Mike says:

    What’s your thoughts on using pack goats in Alaska for sheep hunting? My hunts are usually 8-10 days long, with a 10-12 mile hike in. Our packs average about 75lbs on the way in, which means on successful hunts we’re taking two trips out. Hoping to eliminte that second trip with the goats. My concerns are the very steep terrain, and high bear population, as well as walking on very very spongy tundra, and wading through creeks. Have you ever known anyone to use pack goats up in AK?
    This website is great! I really appreciate the time you put into making all of your info accessible.
    -Mike R. (Fairbanks, AK)

    • Marc Warnke says:

      Unfortunately, Alaska has banned packers in sheep country. It’s sad to see bad science close the door to goats in sheep areas as a tested disease free goat can’t give a sheep something it doesn’t have. FYI, they would work awesome for all that your asking about.

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