Think About Options When It Comes To Goat Panniers

small roll top pannier

Think About Options When It Comes To Goat Panniers Quiver of Panniers As Marc says, “Your gonna want a quiver of panniers,” to give you a couple of options. By getting a few different sizes you will find our spread of panniers to help with all your specific needs.  Don’t buy just one color.  Get […]

Getting Started with a Pack Goat 4H Project

What is 4H? 4H is a youth development organization for kids, ages 5 to 19 years old. They learn life skills, meet friends, experience leadership, and community involvement. Kids complete hands-on projects with guidance from adult mentors in areas like health, science, agriculture, and citizenship, in a positive environment and become the next generation of […]

Last Minute Gifts For Goat Lovers

Pack Goats Gift Card

Last Minute Gifts For Goat Lovers Still needing last minute gifts for your goat lovers. Check out Packgoats.com and give the gift of a pack goat trip in Idaho, new baby goats, a gift of information products, and courses to help make raising goats successful and enjoyable with less stress. Goats make wonderful additions to […]

It’s November Have You Reserved Your Baby Goat

reserve your baby goat

Have You Reserved Your Baby Goat? It’s November, the best month to buy, have you reserved your baby goats? Why do you ask? It’s breeding season and that means in 150 days, baby goats will be here. Whether you are growing your pack string, adding milk goats to your homestead, or wanting to have your own […]

Are You Feeding Your Goats Dangerous Treats

goat in heat

Are You Feeding Your Goats Dangerous Treats? When it comes to your goats health, are you feeding them dangerous treats? We all know what picky eaters they are. But getting the wrong treat could be fatal. Did you know goats have 4 stomach chambers? Here is a great article to learn of goats digestive system. […]

How Goats Thrive Through Winter

How Goats Thrive Through Winter Winter will be here before you know it, how goats thrive through winter will determine how prepared you are. Rather this be your first winter or a winter you wished you had prepared for. Get the tips and resources to make this winter a happy and healthy one. Water Water […]

Benefits Of Having A Good Design On A Goat Feeder

Goat Feeder

Benefits Of Having A Good Design On A Goat Feeder Finding the benefits to a good goat feeder design is just a click away. Check out building plans for your herd. There are so many goat feeder designs all over the internet. Searching for a good design that will make you and your goat herd […]

New Adventures with Four New Baby Goats!

New Adventures With Four Baby Goats! It is a time in our life where we just want more family time to be more adventurous. We camp, hike, hunt, and fish, but the heavy loads just weigh us down. What if we had help bringing in our gear, it sure would make our outings more enjoyable. […]

What to Look for in an Adult Pack Goat

What to look for in an adult pack goat

What to Look for in Choosing an Adult Pack Goat It has taken me a long time to learn what to look for in an adult pack goat. I have bought nearly 30 adult goats in my mission to build a pack string from scratch and I have learned a ton while doing so. I […]

What Breed Makes the Best Pack Goat

what breed makes the best pack goat

What is the best pack goat breed? I get asked all the time what breed makes the best pack goat. I also get asked all the time what breed of goats I have.  Generally, people are asking because they want to know what breed they should be looking for as they begin to build their […]

How Much Can A Pack Goat Carry


How much can a pack goat carry? The most common question I get when people first see my pack goats is “how much can a pack goat carry?”  This is a very sensible question for a new person. In fact, I asked exactly the same one when I first began to hop down the trail […]

Sexes of Goats and How That Relates to Using Them as Pack Goats

Does and bucks used as pack goats

Can Does and Bucks be used as Pack Goats? The question if does and bucks can be used as pack goats is one of the most common questions new packers and curious goat owners ask. Without question the most effective pack goat to work with is a wethered (castrated) male goat.  They grow the largest, […]

Aggressive Goats. Unruley Bucks: How to Deal with Them

Aggresive goats

Aggressive Goats and How to Correct them Aggressive goats are an issue for anyone who owns or deals with them. They are an animal with the tools and strength to potentially hurt their handlers. As the owner of packgoats.com I own and train pack goats and not only are my goats bred to be big […]

What Breed of Goat Should I Get?

What breed of goat should I get

How do I know breed of goat is best for me? In order to pick a breed you have to know your intended purpose for getting a goat. There are so many types of goat breeds it can make your head spin. The most important information you need to know is why you are getting […]

Pack Goat Back Country Gear List

Pack Goat Gear List

Pack Goat Gear List My goal of this is to provide a simple printable pack goat gear list you can hang in your garage to help you pack. Keep this list handy to look over and plan a well thought out pack goat back country gear list.  I like having one that I can physically […]

Training Older Pack Goats

Training Older Pack Goats

Training Older Pack Goats Training older pack goats, my process to train an older goat to pack. A couple years ago one nasty, cold fall afternoon I was carrying my daughters entire boned out bear and hide on my back for 5 miles back to the truck. That’s when  I made the final decision I […]

New Goat Packer: Lessons Learned by Amy Flygare

New Goat Packer

New Goat Packer: Lessons Learned I’ll be the first to admit that I still feel like a new goat packer; complete newbie to this whole thing. We started our pack goat journey about 2 years ago. We rented a couple of big Saanens from Clay Zimmerman of High Uinta Pack Goats and took them to […]

Pack Goat Saddle Review

pack goat saddle review

Pack Goat Saddle Review I want to take a minute and tell you my experience packing in with our goats and give you my thoughts on a pack goat saddle review.  This last weekend I took the plunge and took my boys camping with the goats and NO Marc! Marc visited his Dr. the day […]

The Story of Healing a Broken Leg on my Pack Goat

pack goats broken leg

Healing a Pack Goats Broken Leg Let me start out by saying I am not an expert on pack goats. I do not pretend to be. Knowing how to fix a pack goats broken leg was a process led by my vet and good intuition.  What I do have personal experience in is sport injuries.  […]

Pack Goat Conditioning and Weight Bearing Timeline

pack goat conditioning

Pack Goat Conditioning Pack Goat conditioning is a “new science” and I’m going to share with you what I have found to works best.  I’ve noticed as new people are coming into this wonderful lifestyle/pastime that they are pushing their goats younger and younger. I wanted to build a timeline that could be followed of […]

Training your Pack Goat Kid. Everything Your Pack Goat Will Need to Learn Year One.

Training your pack goat kid

Training your Pack Goat Kid This article’s intent will be to teach you everything you need to know about training your pack goat in their first year.  It will start from when you get them home and they are still bottle feeding and finish with training them on the trail when they are yearlings.  I […]

Pack Goat Nutrition

pack goat nutrition

Pack Goat Nutrition: The Everything and Nothing of Adult Pack Goat Nutrition. By David Eskildsen· Confused by the title? Good, then we are starting off on the right foot. In 20+ years of raising dairy goats, I can say with certainty, there is nothing straight forward about whats the best pack goat nutrition plan or any […]

Castrating Wethers: How Long Should You Wait

Banding Pack Goats

Banding Pack Goats Castrating Wethers and when has been debated between the folks in the pack goat community forever. We are, as a community the most experienced at keeping wethers alive and well of any other goat niche. It seems to always get into hot debate and people are super passionate that they are “right,” […]

Goat Pasture Setup: Organize Shelter, Feeding Stations, and Pasture for Pack Goats

goat pasture setup

Goat Pasture Setup Pack Goat pasture setup is not super complicated to take care of, but how you set up your feeding stations, shelter and pasture are important for them and for you.  I made a ton of mistakes in the beginning and I hope to help you to eliminate making those same mistakes with […]

Hunting with Pack Goats and Strategy

Hunting with Pack Goats

 Hunting with Pack Goats Hunting with pack goats can be an incredibly effective way to hunt. You just need a good game plan on how to go about it and the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages. I’m going to go into detail on hunting tactics as well as camping and “goat management” equipment that you’ll […]

Podcast on “All Things Pack Goats”

All Things Pack Goats

All Things Pack Goats In this podcast “All Things Pack Goats”, the host of “Finding Back Country” interviews Marc Warnke on many topics about packing with goats.  They talk about everything from pack goat gear, training, hunting strategies and so on.  They also discuss the topic of the difference between goats and llamas as pack […]

How to Bone Out Elk for Pack Goats

How to Bone Out Elk for Pack Goats

How to Bone Out an Elk for Pack Goats This video shows how Marc butchers elk;  bone out elk for pack goats to be packed in pack goat panniers.  See the details of the how’s and why’s that make the job simple through this video. This process is the best and easiest way to pack […]

Hunting Elk with Pack Goats – “Elkville II”

Elkville III In this video Marc Warnke and his buddies harvest 3 6×6 bulls in 4 days.  The bulls were located in different parts of that location. Also, the bulls were taken on three separate mornings over 9 miles in from the trail head.  This trio get’s it done on public land filling freezers with […]

Plan Your Pack Goat String…Build it Like You Would a Football Team

pack goat string

Plan your Pack Goat String This plan your pack goat string article is going to go in depth, coaching you how to plan your pack goat string. I get asked a lot about what breed is best for a pack goat. My answer is always the same. Build and plan your string to be like […]