How To Flip A Goat And Why

How To Flip A Goat And Why

How To Flip A Goat And Why

I wanted to speak to you about a subject from people who continually have issues.  People have issues with immature baby goats as they are rolling in to 6 months to a year and a half.  They are establishing their dominance in the herd.  Now remember you’re part of the herd.

Who’s The Boss

So, if you have your children, a smaller wife or even yourself these guys are going to test you and they’re going to see who runs the show.  And they are going to do it with their horns.  They’re going to see if you’re willing to allow them to speak to you with their horns.  And they will speak to you in a way of aggression.  So, they will do a little nudge and you’ll be like whoa did they mean to do that?

How To Flip A Goat And Why:  Step One

Every time a goat hits you with his horns, he meant to do it.  It is a goat communication thing.  So, when these little guys come at you with their horns in any little way, you have to be conscientious about it and it has to be arrested immediately.  So what I do is I yell NO super loud.  I scare the crap out of them on purpose and be scary by gesturing.  What it does is spooks them.  That’s step one.

Step Two

Step two if it happens again, I flip a goat.  It’s really important you understand the process of flipping a goat. If nobody has shown you how you need to know how to do it.  Please be cautious. This is super arresting to a goat. It takes them a while to trust you again after you do it.  It’s a very aggressive move in the world of goats.I’m always approaching a baby from its side.  I’m not messing around with their head.  That’s kind of confusing communication with a baby who’s trying to figure out “am I supposed to use my head to talk with dad?   He always addresses me from the side, so we don’t do that.  I don’t play with him like I do with goats.”

It’s really important to address the problem at a young age because you don’t want this around your kids and family.  If you don’t take care of it, they will grow up to be a bully.

Flipping a Smaller Goat

With a small goat you’re going to reach underneath, grab the opposite leg, flip them over.  You’re going to step over him and hold him upside down.  Once over the top of him, I can hand free hold him with my legs.  It doesn’t take long to do this.  Now if little children are having issues, then I would have them come and stand over his head.  Another thing is they can not win.  You need to let them go when you are ready.  Then I tell him it’s ok and give him love and make up.  I capture his head and hold the goat like this because he is scared of me.   So that’s how you flip a baby goat.Do not let the goat up for at least 20 minutes. If you let the goat up too quickly, it will not get the point across and has a greater chance of you repeating the process several times. Holding a goat down for 20 minutes should be the end of it for a first time offender. The more times the goat is allowed to use its head with you, the harder it is to stop the behavior. If it’s not the goats’ first offense, leave them on their back even longer. After you’ve flipped your goat, be sure to re-establish your bond by loving on them; otherwise, they will distance themselves from you. Positive reinforcement in the form of loving them is crucial for maintaining a loving bond with your goat.

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