3 Common Kidding Season Health Problems

Milking Goats

3 Common Kidding Season Health Problems

New baby goats on the farm is a time of excitement and joy but it also brings the stress of sickness. Ketosis, milk fever, and mastitis are 3 common kidding season health problems. Don’t let these issues affect your does, with the proper nutrition, sanitation, and observation they can be prevented. At packgoats.com our milking course has all the tools and resources to help you care for your doe in milk. Everything for you to learn all about your does health and wellness. Check out our Milking Course.We are not veterinarians. We have experience on our farm. Please contact your Veterinarian.

Ketosis In Pregnant Does During Kidding Season

Ketosis is also known as pregnancy toxemia, a metabolic condition at the end of gestation. When the doe’s body carries multiple fetuses it uses so much energy, and not enough nutrition to acquire. The ketones, chemicals made in the liver, collect in the blood because the body already used the stored fat. The blood turns acidic, and death will occur if not properly cared for.

  • Pregnancy-related illness in doe
  • Result of improper nutrition
  • Inadequate protein produces deadly ketones, goats lay down and not wanting to eat.  
  • Treatment: Oral administration of molasses, Karo syrup, or propylene glycol
  • Dosage is dependent on weight
  • Prevention: Feed properly during gestation. Do not need the extra grain till the last month of pregnancy. That will lead to huge kids and may cause death to doe without a cesarean.

Milk Fever After Kidding Health Problem 

Milk Fever after kidding is a health problem that is similar to ketosis. Once your doe has given birth their milk production will produce more and the does body needs more calcium and nutrients.

  • Low, imbalance of calcium levels in the blood
  • Symptoms: no appetite, lethargy, poor milk production
  • Treatment: Administer calcium gluconate directly to the bloodstream. Contact your veterinarian
  • Prevention: Not feeding high calcium feed like alfalfa during gestation

Mastitis Goat Health Problem Through Kidding Season

A goat health problem that is very common through kidding season is mastitis. In fact, when does are in milk, it is very important to keep teats clean and healthy. Mastitis is an infection in the udder. The udder itself will become hot, the doe will not be feeling well, not eating as normal. Evaluate the doe with a temperature.

  • Infected udder. 
  • Prevents quality milk
  • Usually will be chronic
  • Treatment: milk out infected udder and infuse teat with an intramammary medication for 2-5 days and use fever-reducing medication. Warm compress on the udder.
  • Prevention: Cleanliness of teats, disinfect between each milking, stress-free environment, and test regularly for diseases.

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A Milk Course Health and Wellness Guide 

The kidding season is the most exciting time on the farm. It is also one of the most intense times in terms of health and wellness for your does. Be attentive to nutrition and sanitation. Prepare for health issues before they occur so you can enjoy healthy new baby goats. Be sure to have a successful and healthy season with your does. With the tools and resources of our Milking Course, we hope this course makes you the most prepared new goat owner out there. If you want more tips and success, you will like the Milker Course Bundle which includes: How to Raise A Baby Goat Course, How to Milk a Goat, Feeder, and Stanchion Plans. Check out these helpful Youtube videos to help make the most convenient and comprehensive care solutions for any goat owner.

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