Raising a Baby Goat to be a Packer

Raising a Baby Goat to be a Packer

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Raising a baby goat to be a packer is the best way to go. Although it takes time to raise up a packer, it is well worth it. By raising your own packer you establish a very good bond with your goat. Your goat will love you and willingly follow you. You are also able to train your goat to your voice commands and they are much easier to train when they are younger.

Time/cost outlay

$400-$600 per goat
4 years until they are able to pack at their full capacity

The biggest, most important year is a goat’s first year of life. That is when they grow the most and learn the best. If you going the baby goat route, I highly recommend checking out the How to Raise a Baby Goat Course.  Whether this is your first time raising goats or you have been doing it for years, this course has critical information vetted by experts to help you be successful raising healthy, strong baby goats.

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