Setting Up the Milking Area

Setting Up the Milk Area

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Setting Up the Milking Area

Important Aspects of Setting Up a Milking Area

It is important to designate an area to milk your does separate from the other goats.  In this video, Marc and Cristen explain the ideal milking area versus a milking area that is still clean but you do not have all the extra expenses starting out.  It is easy to get started with a covered area, a stanchion and simple cleaning procedures for yourself and the doe.

The Ideal Milking Area:

  • The milking area doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • The area should be designated to milking goats only.
  • It is important to start small and be as efficient as possible.
  • There are different types of stanchion setups.  It depends on what your preference is.  If you have a horned goat versus a non-horned goat, the neck brace may be different.  Stanchions are important for the goat to stand on while milking.  A metal stanchion with a grate helps debris fall onto the floor under the goat.  A wood stanchion is more economical.
  • Electricity with good lighting is important if you are going to be milking in the early morning when it is dark.
  • Floors and walls should be easy to clean.
  • A door helps keep critters and flies out.
  • Cabinets are handy to store cleaning materials in.
  • A refrigerator is handy so you can quickly cool the milk.

It is important to know you can still have a quality product in a clean area versus having the ideal area.

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